Wednesday, April 14, 2010

blanket facts

whip stitch

joining up

A couple of 10² granny blanket facts…

dimensions: 150cm x 150cm

weight: 1.9kg

sewn together using whip stitch

now well and truly adopted by this gorgeous guy

I did warn you all that I might get carried away and post lots and lots of pictures of my new beloved baby.


  1. Sally that quilt is just beautiful !

  2. Your blanket is totally gorgeous! Such skill and patience you have to make this all come together so beautifully! :)

  3. Utterly and fantastic-ly (is there such a word?) gorgeous!!!! And more than just a little bit inspiring. Now where did I put those crocheting instructions...

  4. Awww he is a gorgeous guy Sally. Just loving him! :) and you already know that I think your blanky is gorgeous too! lol. x

  5. you answered one of my questions (how did you stitch them together) and my other one is, did you block your squares first? or block the whole thing afterwards? that's really two i guess, but oh well...


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