Sunday, April 4, 2010

funday sunday

easter eggWe’ve had a great day here today. The children ate their chocolate egg for breakfast and then later in the morning, once the rain had passed, we surprised them with an Easter egg hunt. It took them forever to find all ten eggs. They had a marvellous time. This is Ms. M’s first Easter where she could eat chocolate. She hasn’t eaten very much in her life, much more than her older brother at this age, but still not much…. so she was beside herself eating the chocolate.

this is good... real good We also had some special sandwiches for lunch…sandwich chicksandwich bunny

  What did you do for funday sunday?


  1. our day had the obligatory easter egg hunt as well, even though the youngest person in our family is my sister who is 26. bunch of big kids we are! followed by a trip to lesmurdie falls, perfect!

    love those sandwich shapes, hope they didn't have nutella in them.. chocolate overload!!

  2. Awww..... very sweet little person and cute little sandwiches.

    We drew a map for the easter egg hunt, and even then our 4 year old needed clues or help!

  3. It sounds a bit like my day. BJ hasn't never eaten much chocolate either. He had a couple of eggs the other day but only ate half of them each time.
    & we have those shaped cutters. Saturday I was trying to get him to eat chicken & bunny toast. Nope didn't work. lol
    Didn't have a hunt though. Was thinking about having it for our parents though but we didn't. lol
    Looks like you all had a lovely day! Enjoy your monday!

  4. Gorgeous photo of the egg in the garden. You really take lovely photos. I wish someone had made me cute sandwiches for Easter. Adorable.


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