Wednesday, April 21, 2010

jeans to jeans

Inspired by watching the BBC series Blood Sweat and T-Shirts (2008) and Ms. M’s desperate need for some day care clothes (garments that I’m not fussed if they come home super-stained* or if they don’t make it home at all) I took some more tiny steps into the world of refashioning.

Formerly jeans (only got a shot of one pair as the others were already in pieces when it occurred to me to take a ‘before’ photo)…


… I refashioned them into…

blue jeans collageblack stiped jeans collage

… well, um, …. more jeans.

Not a particularly fancy or creative refashion is it?

I’m really rather fond of the black striped jeans with the orange and pink floral ruffle. Too good for day care methinks. I was playing around with the tension on the overlocker and then couldn’t get it back to how it should be. Losing patience with the machine I decided to over lock the edges of the ruffles anyway – and the incorrect tension has created rather a cool effect and helped the ruffles ruffle!

Feeling the pressure to be a bit more creative with my refashioning endeavours and again out of desperate need – this time for a bath mat – I then used the remnants from one of the jeans to make this:
bath mat pics

a roughly rectangular bath mat!

Okay – so it’s not particularly glam, but it will do the job for the time being …and at least it is a bit more outside the square. Especially when you consider that there isn’t a right angle or straight line to found as part of said bath mat.

* as opposed to regular domestic stained


  1. I adore refashioning, no matter how simplistic. I also adore those orange ruffled pants as well!

    The bathmat is totally out of the box. I am doing a denim spotlight month soon and I'll definitely be linking to this!

  2. I think they are all great and outside the box. How many other littles have re-fashioned jeans at day care?!! Great work. Cherrie

  3. your little miss will look super cool in her refashioned jeans - I am thinking too nice now for Kindy!

  4. I wonder if my little boy would like some ruffles such as this? I don't get to sew cute little stuff like this! lol Ok, maybe not, but you have done a great job for you little girl. She will be the trendiest kid out there. Too cool for school me thinks.

  5. Refashioning unwanted adult jeans into kiddie jeans is a fab way of recycling... especially when considering that they're only going to get ruined at creche! Love the sweet ruffles.

  6. Well i think it is fancy and creative - you should be proud of yourself! You put way more effort into being creative and sustainable than most people with lil ones to care for would be. I think it's commendable. And the bath mat - what a cool idea!

  7. They look great!

    I hope you get your overlocker tension sorted out.

  8. Loving those jeans - especially the ruffle - they look gorgeous!

  9. they are just so fabulous! and re-fashioning jeans into jeans completely counts. they are all brilliant!

  10. So cute!! I love jean refashions. All that sturdy cotton being reused. I love the little embroidered heart.


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