Wednesday, April 28, 2010

map 212: K2

k2 map 212

Dear  ....,

Most tourists experience times when they’re on adventures sick and feeling sorry for themselves. This can be said of my three companions on the weekend as we set out on our adventure to K2 map 212. The journey was undertaken to get the sorrowful bunch out of the house and what better than a country drive into the Swan Valley to lift the spirits.

K2 Map 192

Sometimes K2 just isn’t the summit you expected. At our destination was a for sale sign, a barbed wire fence, a view to a paddock with two sheep and beyond a vineyard. Even so the children had the most fabulous time picking up rocks from the road side and hurling them at the sign…chucking rocks ha ha - chucking rocks is fun 

… and just hanging around…hanging around

Now I’m not the kind of girl who travels all the way to the Swan Valley without having a little wine taste – so en route home we detoured past Windy Creek Winery where I partook in a taste of their cabernet merlot and their two shiraz. I walked away with a bottle of 2007 Old Vines Shiraz… but it is still unopened. With a sick crew to care for on the home front there just hasn’t been time to relax and enjoy my souvenir.

Despite my grumpy and miserable companions the journey was something to enjoy. Few things are nicer than being warmed up by the sun’s rays in the passenger seat of a car checking out the sights – especially in the picturesque Swan Valley.

How about you? Been on any good drives or adventures lately?

Take care,

♥ Sally


  1. Hope everyone's feeling better soon. I went to the park this morning with a 3 year old - that's my adventure! She brightened up my day :)

  2. And look how smart he is in his pants! I hope the yickness has passed - as a suffer this week instead of the sufferee I can appreciate a breathe of fresh air would be just what is needed!


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