Friday, April 23, 2010


Did you know that w.a. doesn’t actually stand for Western Australia? Nope. It stands for wait awhile.

No extended trading hours here in the west – we’re waiting to see how it works out in the eastern states. You wouldn’t wanna rush into these things now would you? Same could be said for daylight savings. Despite a three year trial we’re not convinced and are standing back to see what the long term effects are on those of you who live on the right hand side of the country.

We also wait awhile for our mail. Parcels take forever to arrive here.

wait awhile

I’ve been hanging out at the letter box for days now. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Cursing the fact that I live in the world’s most remote city.  But today it arrived! Finally. I was so desperately hoping that it would arrive today, otherwise I was going to have to wait out the long weekend. It did. *sigh of relief*

*squeal of excitement*

Look at the gorgeous wrapping paper and card…all wrapped up

The package arrived all the way from Bec in Tasmania. So it had to travel over straits of water and one huge desert to get to my little letter box.

And here it is. My new favourite pin cushions. That’s right. Not one but two!!!

beautiful pin cushionsgranny pin cushionMy family are totally loving it too. Their faces are filled with optimism that perhaps now that I am in possession of a wrist pin cushion I might stop sticking pins into couches, cushions, carpets, ironing board… and whatever else happens to be handy when I need to offload a pin. much needed wrist pin cushionbeautiful buttonAren’t they both gorgeous? Not just regular gorgeous either. I mean super dooper gorgeous. So me. I love crochet, especially in the round (people who crochet in rows are just show-offs! …okay so Bec has showed off a bit with that fancy wrist strap – I’m so glad she did) and grey is one of my all time favourite colours. Love. Love. Love my new pin cushions.

Thanks so much Bec – it is so perfect. And a big thanks and shout out to Kate for hosting this mammoth swap.

***still squealing + little claps of glee***


  1. lucky Sally! They are just gorgeous. Patience is a good quality to develop I reckon (I am currently waiting on a few parcels- disappointing mail today!)

  2. beautiful!! so gorgeous. I also have the habit of sticking my pins and needles everywhere, I get death stares from everyone when they happen upon one (in one way or another...)

  3. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! They are two gorgeous pin cushions. I love the grey and the hexagons and the wrist straps and everything. Have fun sticking pins into them. And you are so welcome by the way.
    ps. Perth sounds wonderful by the way. We might be coming accross earlier than expected.

  4. Wow, crochet and hexagons... Sigh. Glad they were utterly worth the wait!

  5. Love the watch. Way to go way out there. You are also so very expensive to visit that it is easier for eastern folk to keep going east. Very sad. Something needs to be done!!

  6. Hurray! I'm thrilled you love it :) I'm also super happy it arrived, I was beginning to worry it may have got lost in the mail! Enjoy xx

  7. Such fabulous pincushions Sally, and well worth the wait I'm sure! How lucky are you? They are gorgeous and I'm loving that button!! :)

  8. Lovely! Certainly worth waiting for.

  9. sweet as! That pincushion is gorgeous, well done.


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