Friday, May 28, 2010


Our family has had a rough start to the winter season – at least one of us has been sick with some virus or bug for the past nine weeks. Poor E. suffered the worst though – his recent gastro bug lasted over a week –  he barely talked for six days and needed to be carried from couch, to bath, to bed as he wouldn’t walk, he didn’t eat for the week and lost over three kilos. There were lots of tears, lots of hugs, lots of sleepless nights. I got hit with the bug for four days – and whilst I was utterly wiped out (my partner commented I was clearly ill when I couldn’t even pick up a crochet hook) – it was nothing to the suffering of my poor son. Not to worry now though, we’re all better (touch wood) and hopefully we’ve built ourselves some robust immune systems to get through the winter without any more bugs (fingers TIGHTLY crossed).

There hasn’t been much opportunity for sewing (or anything else) but I have managed to finish off some projects using flannelette. I’m really taken with flannelette as a fabric. It is so soft and so easy to sew with. Dreamy! …which of course is perfect for pyjamas.

The mister and I finally had to say goodbye to some of our favourite pjs as the fabric had been worn though in parts. Endeavouring to refashion more and more I refashioned them into… yep… more pjs but this time four our precious little Ms. M.

recycled duckies formerly dadda's pjs

refashioned pjs formerly mamas (maternity) 

I finally finished Mr. 3s bright pink pyjamas with the buttons of his choosing…

mr 3 button choice 

and made Ms. M some more pyjamas with flannelette recently purchased.

pjs for Ms M

I just can’t get enough flannelette. I suppose it is the winter expression of my love of cotton. It does of course look better when it is all fresh and on the bolt – after a few washes it tends to pill and lose some of its colourful lustre.

colours fading and starting to pill

On a recent hunting adventure for sheets in oppys I came across a queen flannelette set with this super sweet floral and just couldn’t resist making my sweet girl this little nightie…

nightie… which she just loves to twirl about and dance in. Regrettably however, it does not seem to be conducive to a good night’s sleep.

Since I am now overwhelmed by the quantity of this pretty floral print I thought that perhaps a flannelette softie would be in order … flannelette  teddy … but alas it would seem that I am still ‘challenged’ when it comes to making teddy bears!


  1. OK I think I need to go to the op shops this morning hunting for flannelette sheets. I might even make myself some PJ bottoms.

    Even though flannelette does lose it's colour etc, when it's all fluffed up it just speaks 'warmth to me', even looking at your lovely photo's I feel warmer while I'm sitting here on a chilly morning.

    I love everything you have made and that teddy is just the cutest thing ever. She is truly adorable.


    P.S Sorry for the big waffle LOL

  2. You have made me want to run out and get some flannel too, isn't it lovely in winter? Your PJs are all lovely, and as for the bear...well, obviously he has a great personality! (he's really cute Sal, great job).

  3. I love flannelette! It reminds me of innocent times of the past. Teddy bear looks cute, lots of personality!

  4. awh, I think the bear is cute! does he go with the nightie?

  5. So good to hear that everyone is feeling better! Hope you get a nice long reprieve from anymore winter lurgies.

    Love all the PJs you've been making. A flannelette nightie is on my list for Jemima too.

  6. 'not much going on'??? 3 pairs of pyjammies, a nightie and a teddy bear?? my goodness, i wish i had that sort of not much going on happening in my house!
    and you really are too hard on yourself, that teddy looks pretty divine to me.

    glad to hear you're all back to healthy, i was wondering how you were over the weekend.

  7. I love your Teddy! So glad to hear you are all on the mend. I hope your little man bounces back quickly from his horrible bug, Pink PJs should do it. My eldest loved wearing a satin pink nightie that a friend gave him, I think he just wanted to be like his mum :-)

  8. I loove that nightie - so very sweet, and I also like the bear - not sure why you don't think he's ace!

  9. Wow you have been on a sewing frenzy!! I am loving all the cuddly flannel,your family is so lucky!!

  10. Love, love, love the teddy! Is it your own pattern? It's gorgeous (I want one!!) :)


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