Monday, May 31, 2010

just a minute … in may

What a month! May has felt a lot like hard work, but there have still been some fun and sweet moments.

Listening… Dolly Parton’s song Clear Blue Morning has become almost an anthem in the car, Tracy Chapman’s first album was dug out of the depths of the CD collection and enjoyed one afternoon, Single Gun Theory – often a favourite when I’m home alone, and Fergie’s album The Duchess  for a bit of bop bop bopping along.

Watching… DVDs mostly, including The Incredible Human Journey, Adam, and Infamous.

Sewing… with flannelette. So warm. So comforting. Also made a little fabric basket for my bloggy anniversary giveaway and an apron for the great apron swao – but other than that sewing was a bit light on this month.

Crocheting… started Master E’s granny blanket.

Photographing… blah! I missed quite a few days of my 365 day project this month. Hard to be inspired when overwhelmed by sick children and being wiped out with a gastro bug myself. Nonetheless I’m still pursuing the project and have borrowed some books from the library to address the inspiration deficit.

Playing…  with opposites. Mr 3. just finds the contrary h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s! Green means stop, red means go, and he loves to see your ‘angry’ face. Ms. M’s somersaults are first class and this month she has had two jumping castle encounters – a thrill that she endeavours to recreate on my bed first thing of a morning.


  1. I do the same thing each month although I arrived at it via a different way ... looking at what's hot and what's not each month against what I want to get out of 2010. I enjoyed your list and I like the way you sum up each month.

  2. Oh early Tracey Chapman - I had forgotten the joys... must hunt that one down and put it back in circulation.


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