Sunday, May 30, 2010

may sewing challenge :: all zipped up



May’s sewing challenge is to make something with a zipper, and as the colder months are really now upon us it really is time that I started sewing my babes some clothes to keep them warm.

So my project with a zip, my first that I can remember (although I do now have vague recollections of sewing a skirt with a zip a long long long time ago) is  this little polar fleece vest for Mr 3.the vest

It would seem that the poor lad is unfamiliar with the concept of a zipper…



… but he got the hang of it in the end.Mr 3 wearing his new vest

I had expected that this little vest would come together quite quickly, and it did, however there was much more hand sewing than I’d anticipated. All the binding has been machined sewed on the outer and then fixed with invisible stitches inside. Inserting the zip was too easy. Not a drama in the least. I’m not sure what I was worrying about… although I have noted that often with this sewing caper the bits that you think will come together easily often can give you the greatest headaches! Not this time.

For more zippy projects head on over to Carolyn’s.


  1. Fabulous job, I haven't done anything from those challenges for months. With my Dad passing and everything I haven't been overly crafty.

    That vest looks great, so nice and toastie warm.

  2. Gorgeous! I'm still deathly afraid of zips, shh, don't tell anyone.

  3. Looks fantastic - what pattern did you use?

    Nic xxx

  4. What a cute little vest. He looks so nice and warm! Well done for sewing a zip into polar fleece. That would definitely scare me silly.

  5. Right!!! I am going in! This week I am going to master the Zipper! I am, for some silly reason scared of it...but I am going to force myself to master it...

  6. I have always avoided a zipper project....they never seem easy to me! That vest is fantastic :-)

  7. Well done to you! They do seem scary do't they - but they really aren't.
    Vests like that are great for this time of year.
    Do a few little zippered purses to really get your confidence up - they are super-easy.


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