Wednesday, May 5, 2010

two states over feels like two doors down

I’m feeling a little bummed out today. You see two states over they’re having a party The Stitches and Craft Show from today until Sunday. I so wish I was in Melbourne so that I could go.

…and then the following weekend there is the Sew It Together meet-up which I was also desperately wanting to go to. My partner even worked out that we would have enough frequent flier points for me to get there – but alas* my little girl just won’t give up breast feeding. She still has two decent feeds a day, sometimes even more. She isn’t interested in a bottle and I don’t feel comfortable leaving her for a couple of days until she is no longer wanting that time with me.

Argh-well… maybe next year.

This feeling reminded me of Dolly Parton’s song “Two Doors Down”.

I love Dolly Parton. She is amazing. I fell for her when I saw her on Donahue (please tell me that you’re old enough to remember that show too???) and she said “well ya know Phil it costs a lot to look this cheap”. From then on I knew I loved her.

Anyway… for those of you on your way to either of these great events don’t forget about me “sitting here crying my heart out feeling sorry”!**


* it’s not really alas – if that’s what she wants or needs then it is okay with me. In the scheme of things this period in our lives is so very brief.

** I’m not really sitting here crying my heart out – by hey – nothing like a little melodrama especially when you’re sitting in bed having been run over by the flu.


  1. I'm sorry you can't make it to S&C or SIT. They are only little once, and these things will happen again and again and again!

  2. Well I must say I don't mind a bit of Dolly myself! In fact I just bought her best of cd to give mum for her birthday the other day.

    & I can say I have never been to those shows & won't this time so we will have be pitiful together.

    I can say however that I have been to a Dolly Parton concert! ekkk... I know... But it was ok. It was with Kenny though. It was ummm... early 80's I reckon. I was young. It must have been my first concert! It was all the better for John English being the support act. He was dare I say it, better than the other 2!!! ekkkk....

  3. Hey well at least your beloved didn't poorly-time a locum job, taking you away from these events which WERE ON YOUR DOORSTEP!!!

    Meanwhile, Mackay (which I now realise is nothing like Far North, not even Tropical North, in QLD terms) is putting on some stunning weather to make me feel better. I hope the fact that I'm missing out too cheers you somewhat... and you're making the intuitive choice for you and M so that's what matters :)

  4. Well totally selfish - bummer - on the up side, you are welcome at the Chateu bug and pop any time so don't waste those frequent flyer points on something silly like a family holiday. Would it make you feel better if I told you it is really cold?

  5. that's funny because i was just about to pop in here and say I'm thinking of YOU! melbourner's have all the fun, don'tcha think?! feels that way sometimes.
    Sorry to hear you've been run over by the flu train too. Urgh. Hope it doesn't linger too long for you.
    And I am ever so pleased to hear you're a Dolly fan too! I thought i was all alone! She's just so sweet! You should hire out that dolly movie where she becomes a radio dj advice giver. It's hilariously bad. I'll google the name...Straight talk! that'll set you straight! hahaha oh dear.
    anyway some one is crying inthe other room, better go put my patience on and try tix it!
    much love. hang in there! xx

  6. I feel your pain, so many craft markets and get togethers happen in Auckland, all the way on the top of the north island and I'm at the bottom. As for Dolly, who doesn't love her! I hope one day I can go to Dollywood, and yes, 'Working 9 to 5' is my fav. singstar song to do!

  7. Oh Sal it's freezing in Sydney to imagine how cold it might be in Melbourne. No consolation I know!
    How about you organising a Sew it Together over there!
    Think of the money you'll save not going to the craft show ...
    LOL, OK, OK, I'll quit trying to cheer you up, it's not working ...
    Hey how about a spot of online shopping ...
    Singing 9 to 5 (love Dolly) ...
    OK I'm out of here for now ;) xo

  8. Hope you feel better asap.
    I will stitch and bitch my very hardest at S.I.T and all in your honour!
    Take care and see you there next year,
    Ab :P

  9. Cohen has been having a million feeds a day too. I think I would have gone mental without the Australia Breastfeeding association and their email service.

    I adore that Dolly entered a Dolly Parton look-alike competition and lost! Too funny. :)

  10. Oh Sal I hope you get here next year - I've been hit with the flu/chest infection so had to miss S&C so I am fit and ready for SIT next week.
    I had the same with kids who enjoyed the boob a lot - and like you it limited what I could/would do.
    I think it's worth it - you're doing something reall important, and it won't be forever.


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