Wednesday, June 30, 2010

june sewing challenge :: designed and made by me


June’s sewing challenge is to design or draft a garment. I’ve been wanting to play around with pin-tucking on my overlocker and so last night (yep – again at the very last minute) I whipped up these tights for Ms. M.


There wasn’t a lot of drafting… I just cut straight into the fabric, so needless to say the adrenaline was really pumping as to whether or not they were going to work. To start with I used tailor’s chalk to mark parallel lines on the black knit. Then I sewed the pin-tucks before cutting the basic one seam pant shape – trying to keep the leg as narrow as possible without being too small. Then it was just a matter of sewing up the inner seam, the crotch and then a bit of elastic around the waist. I am thrilled that it worked – I wasn’t really expecting them to fit. If I was to make another pair, which I think I probably will, I’d make the waist higher as these one struggle to make it over the top of the nappy. All in all though I am really rather chuffed that it worked.

For more self-designed and/or drafted projects head on over to Carolyn’s.


  1. Great work!! Oh and I forgot to say I LOVE your ring in the last post!

  2. Yeah you - they look so cute! I love the pin tucks, there is no stopping you noe

  3. Clever girl - I did mine at the last minute too!


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