Friday, June 11, 2010

lucky lucky me!

brilliant prize

Look what arrived in the post this morning! WOW!!! I was luck enough to win Tanya’s giveaway this most amazing book. I was literally jumping for joy when I found out that I had one this uber ace prize – my three year old told me to stop – but I didn’t! I was too happy.

And look it made it all the way to the left hand side of the country in time for the not-a-long-weekend-here weekend. I’m so pleased. So thrilled. So excited.

I’m off now – to make a yummy cup of coffee and start on that chocolate and then hide it before the little ones wake up from their nap and the man of the house comes home. Oh happy happy day.

Thank you so much Tanya. This is so awesome.


  1. lucky girl!! have fun creating.

  2. My pleasure, treasure. (That's a thing we say in a weird american accent...) Hey, I spy a nice looking crochet rug behind the 'prize' did you make it?

  3. You will love this book - I loved this book - great for lighting the inspiration fires of crafters and printers alike. Have a great weekend! Nic

  4. Congratulations. Chocolate and coffee will be great for reading the book with!! Cherrie

  5. You are a lucky duck!... and chocolate too, what more could you want? Have an ACE weekend!

  6. what a wonderful prize to win, love prints charming fabric! enjoy the read :)

  7. As jealous as I am that you won and I didn't, I will grudgingly say enjoy! :) What a fab parcel to get.

  8. Hi Sally,

    Congratulations...little ones can be sooo appalled by our silly antics :) Have fun with it...
    Guess I'm not the only one who hides chocolate

    hugs, Sharon


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