Thursday, June 24, 2010

my creative space :: taking stock

What an exciting morning! I have been glued to the tele for much of the day watching the politics unfold in Canberra. It is rare for me to jump out of bed early on a winter’s morning but today that is exactly what I did so that I could take up residence on the couch to watch the events of the day unfold.  To reveal my hand – I am so thrilled with the outcome of the morning. I believe Julia Gillard will be a wonderful Prime Minister, and I do believe that the Parliamentary Labour party has the authority to choose its own leader. How did it all go so wrong for Rudd? He has made so many significant achievements for Australia. My initial thoughts are that this is a lesson on the importance of team work – truly valuing and trusting the skills and perspectives of the people around you. A lesson in the dangers of micro-managing – believing that he had to own and be involved with every decision. It highlights the importance of clear and effective communication. It all makes wonderful food for thought as I observe the press conferences, the commentators and then the parliament hooking away on the granny squares for my son’s blanket. This piece of history and my reflections on it are now part of the stitches, part of the fabric that will become the blanket he will hopefully have with him through his life.

squares on a historic day

As for the rest of my creative space,  well most of the plans I had had for this day have flown out the window. There is still however sometime to take stock. We’re now half way through the year so it is timely to re-visit the creative goals that I had set myself six months ago.

Crochet: make a basket, a blanket, a square dishcloth and a jug cover

Embroidery: become more proficient with stem stitch, shadow stitch and french knots

Gardening: start a native garden at the front of our house

Printing: keep having fun exploring, playing and discovering

Photography: do online photography course, be less shy taking photos and take a ‘tourist’ adventure to a K2 once a month.

Sewing: make at least one thing for myself (to wear!)

Oh my! There are still a lot of things that I want to achieve in the next six months. Might be time to focus more on my embroidery skill development. As for the native garden – I will be looking at getting that started over the next week. The rains have arrived so I want to get the plants in while the rain can help them get established.

After my successful start to the week perhaps I should build on the momentum and revisit my attempts to crochet a square dishcloth.

… but for now I will flick the tele off, abandon my nest on the couch, and get outside while the sun is still shining to reflect further on this momentous day. Australia has it’s first female Prime Minister. Hooray!

I’ll be visiting all the creativity that abounds at Kirsty’s place later on tonight … perhaps I’ll see you there.


  1. Oh I love your granny squares in your son's "parliment" blanket! Or "lady PM quilt" or ummm.... Whatever it is, it will always remind you of this day! Been quite an event on tv hasn't it!

  2. Like you I have been completely glued as well. I actually cried during Kevin's speech, I could hardly even watch. But then Julia came on and she was just so in control and handled the press with such intelligence.

    Your squares are quite fabulous as well.

  3. i was so teary and upset and sad for what happened today. to me , it seems so like political bullying to push away the good and then when a little bad comes along to throw in the towel and kick somebody out, wrecking their career and their life really. boo on australia from where i sit. and this happens all the time here, recently with malcom. its actually more what you expect from a very unstable third world country.
    but i do think julia was quite together and graceful and professional, so hopefully we wont kick her out as soon as she trips up. and she will. we all do, cause we're humans.

  4. I have everything crossed that she wins the next election. I'm a bit worried that this has all happened a bit too close to the next terrifying federal electorial event! (I haven't been watching - don't like the stress because I'm too emotionally attached to the outcome!) Though I'm sad to see Kevin go (I like him, even if he does get things wrong sometimes and can be overly autocratic), I'm sooooo excited that we have our first ever female prime minister! Go Julia! Do us proud. Please?

    Your squares are lovely, and I really like the colour scheme :-)

  5. Lovely squares - and what a momentous occasion to infuse into them! I've missed it all with school commitments today, so look forward to catching up on all the politial happenings tonight!
    Love your goal setting for the year! Reminds me to get to mine too!

    Enjoy the rest of your day!

  6. There is a lot I could say to comment on JG's and the factions tactics but I won't, I just find it all frustrating. I forwarded the market details to you, hope you got them. Will you make it?

  7. first female prime minister is exciting isnt it! I wish you well with ticking off your to do list...

  8. Oh I wish I'd thought of doing something crafty and constructive while glued to the TV today... looks great (and hopefully today is the start of good things too!). Good luck with your to do list!

  9. It is a very significant historical day, isn't it? I told my kids we had a new prime minister and my 7 year old daughter said 'we know...and it's a lady' (lady is such a funny word!). Almost as though there was some solidarity in that for her cause she's a 'lady' too...

  10. A momentous day indeed and wonderful to think that it will be stitched into your sons blanket.

  11. i just can't believe you've already almost finished another crocheted granny blanket and i'm still barely into my first. i better get moving! well done you!

  12. What gorgeous squares. I am making a pile at the moment to finish the hem of a skirt I am making for myself. But mine aren't anywhere near as pretty as yours!

  13. For a second there I though you had MPs granny squaring! What a whirlwind, hey? Loving the notion of some seriously significant parliamentary history woven into that blanket...

  14. wow, you have lots of this blanket done already!! well done :)
    glad you enjoyed the day of political-ness, i heard the news in the car this morning on the way to work and thought, huh? when did this all happen? i am a nonpolitcal, non news watcher sort of girl and yet even i picked up the paper at the bakery to have a quick glance over the cover and turned up the afternoon news on the radio on the way home.

    did you have any luck finding some chunky wool for your scarf?

  15. You could do the dishcloth next, but I’d recommend moving onto the crochet basket. Use the tutorial I used, it was so easy and your skills are a lot more refined than mine so it will be a breeze. (ps I didn’t do the counting and it still worked out – just pop a safety pin in to mark the place where you move to the next row). You should be able to find the tutorial in my archives, but let me know if you need me to email you the link.

  16. love the grannies, they will make a very momentous blanket indeed. your todo list is very impressive. it looks as though you are making steady progress

  17. the annabelle comment was me sally. my pesky miss 11 has been messing with my laptop again

  18. i feel the same way ... i was mesmerised but how and where did it all go so wrong? PS love the blankie. it will be so warm and beautiful.
    My Creative Space

  19. It's all totally fascinating to us Kiwis. I'm thoroughly enjoying watching the proceedings from a distance. Having lived through the Margaret Thatcher years in the UK and the Helen Clark years here, I've seen both the bad and the good of female Prime Ministers (in that order!). Good luck with it all!
    Your blanket is looking gorgeous and how wonderful to have that meaning attached to it.

  20. Oh Sal love the clour schemes! yes a momentus occassion and let's hope 'they' allow her to have a go! She'll be marvellous if allowed to be so! Hope your weekend is bliss Darling. xo

  21. So love your granny squares Sally. Very pretty indeed. Quite ace, could I say? :) Should look very impressive once all sewn together!
    Well done with getting this far with your creative goals. I can't see why you won't get it all achieved by the end of the year. :)) x

  22. Slowly crawling back onto the interwebs after a week of sickness, but I had to come back to this post Sal. Working backwards - I think you're doing wonderfully in your achievements! I like that you're still keen to accomplish the same things and that your goal-posts haven't shifted.

    Blanket coming along nicely, and it's very very cool indeed that there's going to be a bit of history connected with it.

    I feel a bit ambivalent about the whole PM thing. Mostly that's about being disappointed, both for AND by Mr Rudd. He had so much potential and I think you're spot on, he just micro-managed and became over-controlling and let the team down. And didn't follow through on the big things. But I hate this whole coup-business, and the way that the parties are doing it so regularly it seems (when 'popularity' is diving). As for female PM - to be honest I'm just interested in whether Julia can lead her party well, not on the whole 'female PM' achievement, so I'll be rejoicing about it only when she proves herself a fine leader. She certainly seems capable, but so did Rudd... who knows what the 'power' will do to this one!


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