Sunday, June 13, 2010

our master chef

My partner has been watching Master Chef this year (perhaps we were the only Australian family not to watch last year?!?) and lucky for us has been rather inspired.

Last night while I was out to a movie and dinner with a friend he made a lovely chickpea, date and pine nut pilau for a picnic lunch at the park today and then tonight he made pumpkin fritters and Guatemalan* salsa.

pilau at the parkpilau at the park

Some of the motivation has also been our son’s weight loss after his recent illness combined with his fussy three year old eating habits. The pilau was popular all round – the dates and raisins mean that there are bursts of sweetness. So very delicious.

fitter mixfritter mix

Mr. 3 helped his father make the pumpkin fritter mix. He likes to press the buttons on the food processor (under close supervision).  Usually if he is involved in the cooking process he is more inclined to eat the meal - but not today. Not to worry he has been in a rather odd mood all day. That happens when you’re three… or any age come to think of it!

cooking in the pancooking in the pan 

I frantically did all the dishes as the fritters sizzled in the pan. I often find meals so much tastier when I know there is not a lot of dishes to be done when it is finished.

on the platepumpkin fritters, Guatemalan salsa and sour cream

The meal was super yummy!!! Unlucky for me there were no left-over's to speak of – Ms. M and I made sure of that – so it looks like I’ll be up for cooking dinner tomorrow night. Geez!  I’m feeling the pressure to lift my game.

* I love all things Guatemalan after getting 26/25 in a school assignment in year 8. My best mark ever!


  1. I am Liana and I love pumpkin!!!!

  2. I might give those a go! I buy a whole pumpkin because its cheap, but everyone gets sick of pumpkin soup, couscous, muffins, biscuits - this will be a new recipe in my pumpkin repertoire!

  3. Sally...YUM!!! I would gladly eat that instead of my cupcakes!
    you know we have a vegetarian daughter who "will never eat pumpkin!"...very odd 4 yr old I have.
    yummmm ♥

  4. Sally- this is unreal. We didn't watch masterchef last year (ahem, I actually didn't know about it until the finals when my work collegues were talking about it- what rock was I hiding under?) Anyway, watching it spasmodically this season. I am all in for a masterclass!

  5. Those dishes look so good! Thanks for sharing the recipes! :)

  6. Oh i love pumpkin, yummy. All looks so fantastic. My husband loves cooking, i do not, shame he's away for 10 months, the children are starting to see the cracks in my effort & enthusiasm, only 5 months to go!! Love Posie

  7. How kind of you to give us the recipe in the form of a lovel PDF! Very impressive and now it can slot right into my plastic-sleeve recipe book to be tried very soon.
    I also love when the dishes are nearly done before the dinner. Vegetable fritatta last night was like that - in the oven in one pot - all the other dishes done - hooray!

  8. They look sensational. May have to put them on the menu for next week I think.

    The chickpea pilau sounds fab too.


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