Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a silky refashion

silk skirt

A recent discovery at a local(ish) oppy was this size 16 handmade silk skirt for a dollar. 

Just one dollar!

I’ve never sewed silk before. Eager to get started and without really planning the project I started cutting away ready to make Ms. M some pants. I’ve learnt my lesson – I should have examined the garment more closely – because if I had I would have realised that it was fully lined with the same material… so it turned out that I cut out the pieces for the pants twice.

Ooops!two of a kind

There are only so many silk pants in the same colour that an almost eighteen month old child needs so I gave the second pair to our neighbour’s daughter.


Sewing the silk was really lovely. For some reason I have it in my head that the fabric is thai silk. What do you think? Do you recognise it?


  1. Looks like dupioni silk to me. They're lovely!

  2. Ooooh i dont know my silk (which says a lot about me I think) - the pants turned out great. I love a refashion project - ive got about 10 refashion projects swimming around my head....one day eh

  3. That’s what I though was Thai silk – but I am no expert! The pants are adorable; your little miss will be stunning in them.

  4. What an amazing bargain you got for a dollar. The little pants look really sweet. Lucky toddler to be dressed in such finery!!!

    I'm guessing it might be dupioni silk, because of the slubby texture? I think (but am not 100% sure) that Thai silk has a different thread for the weave and weft? If it looks slightly different as you angle it in the light, you might be able to tell.

  5. Very pretty and cute Sally. You meant to do that I know! Sure you did! ;)) And now there'll be two very well dressed young ladies in the area. x


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