Saturday, July 31, 2010

just a minute … in july

Listening…  to Ali Farka Toure’s albums ‘Ali & Toumani’ and ‘In The Heart of the Moon’ since my partner can’t stop raving about how good he is… and when my partner isn’t around the Jackson 5 have been getting a decent bit of air time in the car while we’ve been busting a groove to Fergie at home.

Watching… The United States of Tara’ and ‘Gruen Transfer’ on the tele. Also been watching lots of people sewing pleats on YouTube. Mostly very informative… but geez there are some funny people out there!

Sewing… with corduroy. I’ve been absolutely in love with corduroy this month.

at the park

Playing…  in the garden and at local parks whenever the weather permits.  Also went to an indoor play centre for the first time. Amazingly fascinating place. Great toys and Mr. 3 had an amazing time… but my goodness the noise level was LOUD! Climbing trees continues to be a popular past time with both children, despite getting stuck every now and then.

up a tree

Practicing… eating at the dinner table in a manner that wouldn’t put our family to shame if we were to venture out for a restaurant dining experience. I’m pleased to say that by the end of the month we’ve made some good progress. Also trying to encourage Mr. 3 to sleep in beyond 0630hrs. Regrettably the progress hasn’t been as significant. Maybe next month *fingers crossed*.

playing with sticks

Developing… every day. Mr.3 now gets his own breakfast most mornings and helps himself to whatever he likes in the fridge and the cupboard. There is no stopping him. He makes me cups of tea or coffee in the morning too… with some assistance from his dada. This month we also received the first report card home from Mr. 3’s kindy. OMG he is growing up so fast and is such a caring, sweet and considerate person so much of the time.  Ms. M talks more and more and has even started using the word ‘please’… but at this time only when she wants a mint in the car. She has started saying “no” and when the answer to a question is yes she nods her head in the sweetest way. So very endearing and cute.  I am so bless to have two such beautiful children – whatever did I do to deserve such joy?


  1. Great photo's of the kiddies, looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Lovely to read your thoughts on the month that has passed. Can't believe he has a report card for kindy!

    & I have to agree about the kids. It is amazing to see them develop. Although they try you to the limit at times I agree, what did I do to deserve the joy I get from mine little one too! We are both lucky beyond belief aren't we. Enjoy it.

  3. Children copy their parents so you two must be kind and sweet too.

  4. how does he get his own breakfast- what do you mena? purs milk..? tell me more please... x

  5. We've still got a lock on our fridge since the great 4:30am Lounge Room Buttering Incident (couple of months back now, but we're still feeling greasy).

    I dig what you guys are up to. The kids look awesome. You're doing a fab job.

    Oh and I adore, ADORE the pleats on M (separate post but may as well say it here and now!).

  6. I watch those shows too!! I'm sure being a wonderful person and mum is why you deserve such joy! xo :)

  7. Lovely post Sally. My girls are 5 and 7 now, and I'm still wondering when they start sleeping past 6.30am..... Hopefully before they're teenagers!

  8. Look at your two little ones, having a great time. You have wonderful, sweet littlies because you're a great Mum. xo

  9. I know that 'yes' nod! My only just-three grew out of it and did a 'head only' nod the other week. Bit teary, I was!!!!

    Um. Bit miffed the politicking means that USoT is on hold. WHAT a program.


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