Tuesday, July 20, 2010

overalls fit for the farm

I’m continuing to sew with corduroy. This time I’ve made Ms. M some overalls.corduroy overalls      Perfect for a trip to our local farm to see the animals…at the farm

on the run

… and enjoy a favourite snack.eating a banana 

Good too for climbing all over and through play equipment…at the end of the tunnel

I need to adjust the straps so that the buttons are a little higher making the straps shorter. There is plenty of length in the pants so these overalls should last at least the season if not longer. I love overalls but don’t have any myself these days. Such a comfy outfit to explore in and easy to layer up for warmth or just wear with a t-shirt when it does eventually get warmer. Ms. M seemed to lover her new overalls too.


  1. Don't you just WISH grown ups could get away with overalls like that? Honestly...kids have all the fun.

  2. Gorgeous.... did you use a pattern? I once made a pair by tracing round an old pair... worked out really well. love the fabric too... really cute!

  3. Sooo cute! Perfect for farm exploring. Your sewing is improving so fast

  4. Great print, looks like a good comfy pattern too.

  5. Wow! I think I need a pair of paisley corduroy overalls too! I love corduroy, cloth of kings.

  6. they are awesome. Can you tell me name of pattern or number. BJ needs overalls for his farm! You did a great job & the little one looks terrifically cute in them.

  7. Big fan of overalls too, and especially these cuties that you've just made.
    I do wish we adults could get away with wearing them xo

  8. Love the overalls. My children used to wear these. To stop the straps falling off the shoulders I used to twist the straps around themselves before doing them up. Beautiful photo's.
    Happy days.

  9. Love the overalls - have you tried the "button on opposite sides" trick with the straps? Saves fiddling with the buttons!!

  10. oh.. i want an overall for myself!!! hehe.. love the paisley pattern on the corduroy


  11. So fantastic Sal - I dig the paisley cord, it's insane!

  12. paisley & corduroy!! looks wonderful Sal!
    yeah, it would definitely be pretty cool to just throw on the old overalls everyday...maybe you need to start a trend & it will just escalate all over the blogoshere & then everone could wear them & they'd feel sooo cool!!
    just a thought :)


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