Sunday, July 18, 2010

taking it to the cleaners

My partner loves North Melbourne footy team. At the beginning of the year I suggested to him that I would crochet him a scarf for his birthday. There were a few initial problems. Firstly that I couldn’t crochet in rows to save my life and secondly that, in spite of my best intentions, I didn’t actually start the project until after his birthday had passed. Ooops.

I solved the not being able to crochet in rows hurdle by crocheting in granny stripes, inspired by my then new book 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets Throws and Afghans. But then another problem hit… I ran out of the blue yarn that I had bought the year before heavily discounted as it was discontinued stock. Ooops again. I did try to find a blue to match but without much luck. At one point I thought I had found myself a match and resumed hooking away his precious scarf but in better light it was clearly not a match. Of course my man didn’t notice at all, being colour blind and all, and I must confess that it did cross my mind to just keep hooking away but eventually thought better of it. So I was left with a very short scarf with lots of scraggly ends of yarn hanging off waiting to be weaved in… and it stayed like that until last night. I had actually intended to weave the ends in last week. My motivation had been purely selfish. You see our teams played each other last weekend, North Melbourne v. The Mighty Sydney Swans, and as a matter of karma I had thought I’d better get it finished and gift it to him… but failed here too. Still I must have had some karma points in reserve because my team still won. Phew.

Victories over his team aren’t that much fun though. The poor man tries to keep his chin up but he can barely crack a fake smile when his team loses. So after watching him mope at the hand of my team I thought I’d cheer him up before his team played the resurgent Richmond Tigers.

a nth melb mini scarf

I weaved in all the ends Saturday night, but it was still a mini-scarf. Better suited for a child than a grown man. If I’d finished it months ago like I should have then I could have given it to Mr. 3 but since then he has declared that he is a strong supporter of the Fremantle Dockers.

In a moment of pure genius it occurred to me to re-brand my mini-scarf into a dashboard cover…dashboard cover (geez! that windscreen needs a bit of a wash)

… but feeling a little guilty that it had taken me so long to get his birthday present to him (his birthday is before the footy season starts) I thought that perhaps I should crochet him a little something else. So, using the blue that didn’t match, I crocheted him a …

a nth melb dishcloth

North Melbourne dish cloth!!!

How thoughtful – now he can think of his team whenever he is doing the dishes. He, however, wasn’t quite so impressed this morning when I gifted him the dishcloth. In fact he took it as a slight to his team. I spun it that it was good luck – that his team was going to take Richmond to the cleaners, wipe them up etc etc. He reluctantly came round. Thank goodness his team won this afternoon! The dishcloth is now a lucky charm.

I’m pretty chuffed too. A project completed. Evident improvement to my crocheting in rows ability

… and I can now tick dishcloth off my list.


  1. Haaaaaaaaaaa I'm laughing out loud here Sal ... excellent post, smile a mile wide here ... love, love, love your story and the telling, so super clever ;-0

  2. Oh I bet he is soooo excited about the dish cloth

  3. He he I love the dish cloth!!! You are cute, but more importantly, I always knew you were a woman of excellent taste and just pure excellentness, but you have gone to a whole new level with me, I had no idea you were a Swanners girl too, go the Bloods!! Yeah, but oh sob about Kirky. xo

  4. I love how you reasoned it out to him Sal!
    Yeah, yeah, sure that's what you meant!

  5. A freo supporter, hey? Too bad ;-)

    I love how straight the edges of your dashboard cover are! So there's definitely some serious scope for granny-stripe scarves. Hmmm...


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