Saturday, July 10, 2010

veg about

veg about

Annabel @ Bellgirl has had the wonderful idea of all the veggie gardeners linking up so that we can watch each other’s gardens grow. Perhaps you try to grow veggies in your urban backyard or maybe you have a balcony garden. Perhaps you have a farm or a single parsley plant growing in a pot on the window sill. Whatever the scale sign up so that we can see how your garden grows.

As for my own garden… well lets just say it’s in the midst of its own winter doldrums, a shadow of its former summer glory.

The basil is no longer a lush green and has for the most part gone to seed…basil july 10 seeded basil july 10 

…the only remnants of the thriving pumpkin vines are decaying fruit… decaying pumpkin july 10 another decaying pumpkin july 10

…and so extreme is the neglect that chillies have been left to rot on the bush. neglected chilli july 10

Not to worry too much though – there are some signs of life. The mint is as hardy and reliable as ever… mint

…the parsley continues on, although it has seen better days… parsley 

… the thyme seems to be surviving the living burial by sand conducted by Mr. 3…thyme

… and the rosemary is as fragrant as ever.rosemary

Promising the strawberries are hanging in there, sitting in pots so that they can be moved around the garden waiting to be re-planted into a wheelbarrow (that is needing better drainage holes)… strawberries

…there are some chillies ready to ripen for picking…  a chilli another chilli

…the broccoli is still blooming…broccoli

… radishes are bursting up through the soil… radish

…artichokes are reaching for the sun… globe artichoke artichoke leaf 

… and whilst all the oranges have been harvested and the tree pruned right back (I may have got a bit “happy” with the saw whilst up the ladder) there are first signs of blossoms on the lemon tree.lemon blossoms 

Neighbourly relations are at their best too with this passionfruit vine overhanging the fence and sporting impressive fruit.passionfruit

There are plans to get out in the garden to start getting the soils ready for the spring… but not this weekend. It is cold and wet and I’d rather be inside rugged up sitting by the heater.

So … how does your garden grow?


  1. What a great idea - I'll have to sign up for this! Although at the moment the only thing growing oin my vegie patch is parsley - it's too cold for anything else!

    Your garden looks just lovely.

  2. I have signed up! Tho ours looks a bit crap right now. But it's all good. Ready soon for spring planting I hope!

  3. lovely idea. sal, i'm so happy for your little garden spot it looks like you're quite a greeney. i'm with michelle..we've only got parsley. :))

  4. It is a great idea. How soothing it is to look at these wonderful shots too :) Thanks Sally. Kx

  5. Sounds like a great idea! I'm off to check out Bellgirld site now and must sign up. Although my garden is very sad at the moment. Thanks for the link :-)

    Lovely pasionfruit vine. Thats on my wish list.

  6. Brilliant idea, our garden is a wee bit sad at the moment because we are re-doing a lot of the beds etc to make room for chickens. I will take some photo's though and join in.

  7. Oooh looks wonderful, your garden is brimming! I love the look of the holey pumpkin, reminds me of "James and the Giant Peach". Much of our garden has been buried in sandpit sand at one stage or another :)

    Thanks for spreading the word about the Veg About!

  8. Don't really have a "veggie" garden. But we have a heck of a yard, with a million fruit trees. So. The lilikois (passionfruits) are in full season, and drowning us. The bananas are coming right along. Mango season just ended last month. The lemons are all coming into ripeness; the papayas are promising and full; the honey mandarin is looking sad, and in need of some kind of loving care...what, we don't know yet. The jackfruit is still too young to fruit.

    On the veggie side, the peppers have some kind of infestation killing it, the rosemary fried in the sun, the basil went to seed, the lemongrass did not take kindly to the transplant and died, and the mint is making a valiant recovery from the heatwave that blasted the rosemary. :p

    Maybe it's clear I am not much of a gardener?? :lol:


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