Tuesday, August 31, 2010

august sewing challenge :: smocking or hand embroidery


August’s sewing challenge was to smock or hand embroider something. I had every intention of learning to smock, but unfortunately it just wasn’t to be. There just wasn’t the time to learn something so new to me, especially with sick children and an interstate visitor. I’m pretty disappointed about it actually, I was up for the challenge but at some point I had to face the reality that it just wasn’t going to happen this month. Not to worry I suppose… it is something that I certainly intend to pursue. It might not have happened this month but it will happen.

The month has not been a complete loss though. Having realised that smocking just wasn’t going to happen I sat down last night and stitched up this letter ‘M’ in shadow stitch. I identified that I wanted to master shadow stitch at the start of the year so I’m pretty chuffed that I can now list this as one of my accomplishments for 2010.

shadow stitchshadow stitch backshadow stitch up close

For more smocked and/or hand embroidered projects head on over to Carolyn’s.

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  1. Shadow stitch is mad!! I'm playing a bit of bloggy catch up today (just a tad behind!!), so for a completely unrelated comment: your Katter square is gorgeous! I love the colours you've used. And the final result of the election that became a soap opera was rather a relief, though I suspect the soap opera may continue if Tony gets his way. At least we'll get some entertainment out of it for a change...


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