Saturday, August 7, 2010

a birthday gift

a birthday giftI made another little pinafore dress and red poncho for a little girl turning one. I just adore the apple print and hope she likes it too. I think I might be leaving my corduroy phase behind me and heading into a denim one.

Mr. 3 received an invitation to a birthday party for one of the girls at his Kindy. It is quite the compliment as only three children have been invited to the small affair (and the invitations were handed over very discreetly to us parents so that other children would not feel excluded) … but now I am left wondering what to make for this little girl turning four? It will be the first party E goes to where I don’t actually know the child (unlike children from the various playgroups we’ve attended). Suggestions?


  1. how about a roll-up pencil case or similar. Or make her some play clothes? Mermaid tail maybe ;)

  2. Super sweet outfit! I can't resist apple prints :)

    I've given a couple of little four year old girls sewing sets like this:

    ...and a crayon roll I made for a little boy's birthday was very popular with his nearly-four sister. All kids seem to love twistable crayons! Looking forward to seeing what you decide!

  3. I love the red poncho :-)

    I recently made a felted fairy house for a four year old girl. She loved it...although not as much as her fav present - a Master Chef cooking kit. What about an apron and chefs hat?

  4. Sal the girls recently went to a party for a four-year-old friend, I made a pencil roll and packaged it with the pencils in it and a little coloured notepad.
    Then I made a little handbag (super-easy) with a shoulder strap and a snap closure at the top.
    Two gifts because both girls were invited so one from each girl!
    Of the two gifts - my two were mad for the handbag!

  5. dress ups i say, 4 yr olds love to dress up. loving the denim pinnie too, so cute.

  6. A little no sew tutu is always super cute for gils and Mr E could help with a wand.
    A double sided cape - one side super hero one side princess with a big pointy princess hat.
    Pencil rolls are cute, I saw a tut for one that was like a bag with pad and pencils - will try to search. Found it
    This is a gorgeous mermaid softie pattern
    When in doubt always ask the kinder teachers and they will give you an idea of what she likes to do - an artist or dress-er up, etc. At Pop's childcare they have these cute little padded tails, a shark, a mermaid, a monkey, etc with velcro waists and all the kids love those too.

  7. Oh Sal that is so gorgeous, well done Darling, you're so clever. Books as a gift are usually pretty safe.
    Hope you're having a lovely Sunday, I'm off to the market, a tisket a tasket ;-)

  8. What a lovely little pinnie. There are some great suggestions for pressies already - dress up always go well for 4 year olds!

  9. What a gorgeous pinnie. If only I could pull off a cape
    How good were our boys yesterday??? Could you believe!!!

  10. My 4 year old daughter has just finished the birthday party rounds and each of her friends were given a pencil roll and a colouring book. All the 4 year olds loved them and so did the parents as they're great to take out and about to keep said child entertained on the go!

    The other thing would be a twirly skirt (preferably in some hideous shade of pink) - the more pink and twirly the better. Some good free tutes around the place (let me know if you need a link)!

    Good luck!

  11. Cindy is a wealth of ideas, I love what you have made and I agree dress ups are good as they can be rather fussy on what they like in tersm of real clothes.... I am also a big fan of the craft box, I get one of those wooden letters from spotlight and come glitter glue paint etc so they can paint it and put it all in a home made draw string bag with their name appliqued on.

  12. These are so sweet Sal:)) I love the denim and red combination, very pretty. A colouring book and some crayons in a roll or even some pretty things to put in her hair are always a hit. xo

  13. I always like to give books and that can be something that Mr E chooses which is always nice. Plus the teacher side of me says you can talk to him about who the book is for and how he should think what she might like (audience)
    Also, I've had this saved in my ideas file for making a girlie version for a little one I know, I loved my fuzzy felt games when I was little

  14. Oooh gosh...I've wanted to help you with some suggestions but I'm absolutely hopeless at this sort of thing. Lucky you though that there's been so many great ideas given!!
    I do really love what you've made. That little red poncho is so sweet!! :)


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