Tuesday, August 31, 2010

just a minute … in august

Listening… to The Roots ‘How I got over’. It is an awesome album. Mr. 3 and I just couldn’t get enough of it. Listening to it over and over again. My favourite… track eight (but track six, Mr. 3’s fave was a close second).

Watching… lots and lots of news programs, my favourite for pre and post election analysis The Insiders on ABC of a Sunday morning. It gets my brain switched on. Also enjoyed watching Yes We Canberraalthough I think the Chaser boys might be losing their touch. On DVD this month I watch the second series of Mad Men – brilliant viewing. I just can’t get enough.

mad-men-2 image via

Sewing… not very much. An interstate visitor meant that my sewing space resumed it’s original purpose as a guest room. It was great to see an ol’ friend from way back – even if it did mean no chance to sew.meeting at the airport for the very first time

Crocheting… lots. A scarf, a baby blanket and beanie and continuing to work on the granny square blanket for Master E. Crocheting is so wonderfully portable – and social too – easy to keep hooking away while chatty away with friends.

Playing… not as much as we’d like as winter illnesses continue to plague us. We are a sickly bunch. Still we did manage to make it to some favourite parks to play with friends.

at the park

Saying… “sometimes we know nothing” and “accidents happen – especially in this family”. Oh my boy – he really does have great insight into this crazy world.

little angel

Developing…  Ms. M decided that it was time for her to use the potty for the first time. She has also decided to start testing all kinds of boundaries. She is a cheeky little angel.

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