Thursday, August 12, 2010

my creative space :: blah!

grey skiesThe sky is no longer cobalt blue in my little corner of the world today – grey and overcast with enough rain to stop the washing from drying but not really enough to give my new native garden a decent drink.

native garden

The lawn has been dug up and the plants planted – the garden has been started but there is still a lot more work ahead. I’m hoping for heavier rains soon just to ensure that everything gets established and well watered before we lay mulch.

Inside my creative space is finally looking much better than it did at the beginning of July. What started as a project I thought I’d finish in a day turned into an epic crusade in establishing organisational systems… nothing as fancy as that sounds – really just trying to do the job properly so that it doesn’t get so out of control again. All neat and tidy the room has a beautiful energy. Known by all in the house as “the grey room” it is my special place to hide away and create.


Two achievements, kick starting the native garden and finishing organising the grey room,  I thought would have motivated me onwards and upwards to higher echelons of creativity and yet here I find myself today feeling all blah! I’ve been feeling blah since Sunday. Cranky, whingey, teary … blah! I haven’t really felt much in the mood to create much at all. So today I have given myself permission to do nothing. To achieve nothing… a goal free day. Absolutely nothing on the list. Doing nothing isn’t even on the list because the list doesn’t exist. There are no goals. If I accidentally do something it doesn’t matter – I won’t have failed at doing nothing because I’m not even setting the goal of doing nothing. Does that make sense?

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll be beyond blah and if I am re-charged and motivated then that box on the floor near the ironing board is filled with my works in progress. It looks like there is a lot there – but really there isn’t. There are some repair jobs in that box including a jacket that just needs one button resewn. I’m not planning to do it today because there is no plan. There is only nothing.

To actually be inspired by some creativity head on over to Kirsty’s place… you’ll find lots of something there!


  1. I'm with you on the nothing front I'm afraid!

    BUT... you did a great job of the garden & your grey room! Well done.

  2. Oh your grey room has beautiful light - lucky duck! Grey skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face... ;)

  3. Garden looks great! Room looks great! Hope you feel happy and crafty again soon. Perhaps you are feeling at a bit of a loose end because you have achieved so much? Does that even make sense? Probably not!

    A goal free day is a great idea, I did something similar on Tuesday, and it was nice.

  4. Hi Sal - I was blah last week so had a whole day of nothing, no kids, just me and nothing - worked a treat! Hope you are less blah tomorrow! Nic

  5. If it's any consolation, the 'blah' is not about you. It's those pesky planets (or some such). I have been busily collecting magnets. I'm planning a large scale planetary realignment over the weekend. Hold on to your hat.

  6. the grey room looks super super organised! maybe i need to enlist you to help me organise mine too, although i'm sure my sister will do just fine ;)

    i hope you are enjoying your day of nothingness, that sounds like a marvellous day. i totally understand the theory behind your explanation and fingers crossed you relocate some motivation through nothing-ing

    the garden looks great, can't wait to see updates as it starts to settle in and take shape. we've had a lovely rainy day out here so we might have stolen your rain, however i think the farmers are in dire need of it here, most of the crops are still only around 10cm high!

  7. I hope your day of nothing went well. The garden and the grey room look lovely.

  8. I'm in blah mode too - though I did spend the day like an expectant mother while waiting for the new fridge to arrive. The delivery guys must have thought I was a total nutter when I kissed the fridge ... WoooHoooo, no more bending over, fridge on top, freezer on bottom as it should have always been ;)
    Hang in there Darling Sal, the sun will burst through and you'll be off creating again ;)
    Have a wonderful weekend too Sweets. xo

  9. I knwo the blah mood. I cried this morning because Busy won't stop picking at a sore on her face and I am over the wound care. OVER IT!

    My sewing groupd meets at my place on Sunday so i am hoping I will be back tonormal by then.

  10. Your room looks great! All that lovely space!

    Hope you're getting over the 'blah's'

    have a good weekend!

  11. It happens that way sometimes ... it'll come back, it always does and then you'll really have some creative stuff to share.
    My Creative Space

  12. ohh dear you have the same SKY!!
    isnt it awful.
    i cant even motivate to sew, knit, or even bake anything. i'm just sitting around under a blanket blahing. :(

  13. Hi Sally, you know, sometimes it's good just 'to be', to do nothing. Think of it as hibernating. And it's almost spring - yay! Hope you're feeling less blah soon, Lara x


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