Thursday, August 19, 2010

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I’m off to the airport this evening to meet a friend who is flying in from Melbourne. It will be the first time that I have seen him in ten years. Ten long years. We went to uni and worked together up in the NT. Wow – so long ago. I’ve had two children since then… and aged a decade. I hope he doesn’t gasp or looked too shocked when he sees how much I have degenerated – the extra 15kg, the breasts that hang almost to my knees, my wrinkly face and dried out crinkly hands.

Lots has changed since I last saw him. I wonder what he’ll say when he sees the text Heirloom Smocking hanging around on the side board – waiting to be quickly glanced over when there is that rare chance for a quiet cup of tea. The other changes can be anticipated – anyone that isn’t pumped full of plastic is going to degenerate over time. But that I have transformed from the party girl of old into a woman that is about to attempt her first ever go at smocking… well that might just be too shocking and out of left field for him.

heirloom smocking

I’m not sure myself that I would be smocking if it wasn’t for this month’s sewing challenge. The name of the game is learning something new… and new this certainly is. I’ve glanced at this text a couple of times but am still no closer to really understanding smocking. I googled and pocked around youtube a bit too… that just scared me. So so so overwhelming. Not to worry I have a little over ten days to figure it out and get it done.  Any tips or tricks of the trade … or even advice on how to get started will be truly appreciated.

On a different creative front I better get my butt into gear and finish making a vegetarian lasagne for dinner tonight. That is something that hasn’t changed. I’ve been making the same veggie lasagne for almost twenty years now.

Now be sure to go and check out all the creativity that belongs in this century over at Kirsty’s place.


  1. I read that quickly as you were coming to Melbourne - BUM
    Good luck with the smocking, I would love to give it a go too - perhaps you can inspire me.

  2. It is funny to view ourselves through our youth. I often think "what would 20 year old me say about 39 year old me" and then I think "well, frankly, I'm not that happy with some of the choices 20 year old me made either!!" Have fun!

  3. how exciting to have a friend visit!
    by now you have met up & enjoyed lasagna and maybe talked about those good ol' days!
    now as for smockings..hmmm, had no idea that's what they were/are called.
    enjoy your experiences..old & new.

  4. I'm sure he will see the beautiful mature and wonderful person you are. not all your fears, and if he does he's no friend.I'm sure he's aged too, and changed in many ways, probably worried too himself.
    Enjoy your time together, and your yummy lasagna. xo

  5. He'll see in you all the Ace stuff he always liked about you BK (before-kids) Sal - it will be you who has noticed the physical changes not him - I betcha.
    Not that I will pretend to know anything about smocking but I read somewhere that smocking dots can make it easier to do.
    There's a bit of info here:

  6. i'm sure he'll see you and just wonder how he could have left it so long to catch up with such a wonderful friend. good luck on that smocking, i remember mum made some smocked dresses, or maybe pinafores? for me and my sister when we were fairly young but i'd have no idea where to start there!

  7. Yum! Vegie lasagne (without the orange bits) is my favourite.
    Have a wonderful visit and remember he's 10 years older too.

  8. nothing wrong with any of the crafting happening at your place ... and buy a new bra, jeez. LOL no need for body parts to bruise themselves on your knees! PS I like kate's comment ... he's aged too. very sensible thought.
    My Creative Space

  9. I am sure you will excel in your smocking adventure. I did it in high school. I wish I could put my hands on that piece cos I have kept it forever. It's good. But I wouldn't have a clue how to do it now.

    All I can say is don't be put off by the look of the whole garment at once. Cut your pattern pieces & take the piece to be smocked & put the rest of them away. Ignore them. I think that will make it all too overwhelming. Just look at your smocking panel piece. That's all. Then do your stitches to gather it. Then you get to do all the pretty fun stuff. Pity you aren't closer. My work is offering a class on smocking! It's definitely making a comeback! Have fun!

  10. I just love smocking!! Gorgeous dress on the cover! I'm sure he'll just see his wonderful friend he's been looking forward to catching up with:)

  11. I bet your mate has a paunch!!!
    Those saggy breasts fed babies, which is what they are for right? xx

  12. Wow, you must've been skeletal at 15kgs less! Meanwhile, I bet his boobs are looking pretty saggy too!

    Are you really worried about what he'll think of how you look? I doubt it - you're more worried about whether he will think your sharp brain has gone to mush (as evidenced by the interest in smocking!). Don't forget that you are as intelligent and interesting as ever, and your priorities and perspectives have matured endlessly. Hopefully so have his!

    Maybe he's into smocking these days...?


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