Saturday, August 28, 2010

tree surgeon

Mother, partner, friend, sewer, crocheter, photographer, printer, gardener, laundry technician, cleaner, cook, driver … and now tree surgeon! That’s me.

what was my favourite mandarin tree

I posted this photo to my other blog and Melissa  commented that I should give sticky taping it back together ago.

So that is what I have done…


Fingers crossed it works because this little mandarin tree has been in my care for some time, and is so special to me that it made the move with us to our current home. At one point it was essentially a lanky stick with only four leaves on it. Just last weekend I was standing in the garden, hand on hips leaning back with admiration, and I commented to my partner Dave how wonderful it had grown, observing its’ gorgeous standard shape and all the white budding blossoms. “Perhaps we’ll even get mandarins this year” I commented. Just three days later and Mr. 3 snaps it trying to feed his toy horse! Oh my. I’d jinxed it good.

post-op tree

It is leaning over a bit now… but maybe, just maybe, sticky tape can fix it! Time will tell.


  1. oh no!! how upsetting for you. children will be children but gosh its disappointing when they are sometimes. i've got my fingers crossed for you little tree

  2. I hope it works too... Maybe you could stake it to give it some extra support? Fingers crossed!

  3. ... or maybe a wire 'fence' into the pot to protect the trunk from little green fingers - you're so versatile and clever as always ;-) xo.

  4. Oh dear, poor tree. I hope the horse ate a lot then so he doesn't need to go near it again.

  5. looks like a big one.
    i dont think that will work alone, my gardening books suggests some sort of pasty glue stuff (the stuff you would use if you were propogating), then wrap in a breathable like gauze. such a shame if you lose the tree.

  6. Aaaaah your poor tree! Hope some TLC brings it back!

    Just caught up of your other posts and loving the crochet thats going on, such a wee hat :-)

  7. Oh no your poor mandarin tree. Looks like some good surgery, I hope it recovers.:)


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