Sunday, August 22, 2010

a walk in the forest

34-confusionimage via 

The day after the election and Australia really isn’t sure which party will govern the country. It is a confusing and yet enthralling situation. It has left me feeling so very ambivalent. Excited, disappointed and worried.

Thank goodness Bob will be holding the map as the country takes a walk in the forest.


  1. Yes it is exciting but worrying too! I was never going to be ready to vote in this one! I wanted it to postpone for a few weeks! & for them to find a few new candidates. Didn't happen! Oh well... Hope your team wins!

  2. Great photo and so glad there is at least one Australian political party head who has a clue, bless Bobs cotton socks.

  3. I feel the same - a little scared about where some of the balance of power now lies, yet happy to live in a country where we have the chance to make a statement about what has been offered to us in terms of government.
    An interesting week ahead I think.

  4. Bob is brilliant!! My sister and I met him while he was minding the shop for a friend. We were admiring the ceramics when he strolled down the stairs to see if we wanted assistance and had the lovliest conversation with him. We left the shop as huge fans:)

  5. It's all a bit deflating now - having to wait for so long to find out the result. I love the picture - just perfect for this!!

    Hope you have a lovely week!


  6. yep thank goodness for Bob :-) x


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