Sunday, September 19, 2010

germinating carrot seeds

carrot seed germination

The carrot seeds have germinated… little bits of green bursting through the earth. A beautiful and magnificent sight. Amazing. Tiny seeds deep in the earth forcing their way to the light of the sun. So fragile and yet so strong.


  1. Good on you, little carrots! Keep up the good work!

  2. Wow they are fast workers! Yay for you to have new growth in your garden!

  3. Yay for carrot seeds germinating (I've been so slack and haven't sowed anything yet - oops)

  4. Oh how lovely!! hope the continue to grow big and strong!

  5. it is always slightly amazing that they make it out of the ground! i'm starting to think about planting too - ahh, spring!

  6. Good luck with the veggies,I have never grown carrots so will have to give them a try. Warming up this week so your veg will be growing and it won't be long before you are eating them. Love the exhibition you went to. There are some amazing people out there.
    Happy Gardening.
    p.s. good on you for the library bag sewing. I am sure the non sewing Mum's will love you.


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