Thursday, September 2, 2010

my creative space :: assembly required

assembly required

There is a lot of assembling to do in my creative space. Lots of flat packs, various sized screws and bits of dowel. And of course there is an allen key too – what flat pack construction would be without it?

assembly required bits and mobs

I am assembling furniture for my children’s new play room, formerly known as the dining room. My mission is to create a space that is so enchanting and conducive to play that my children feel inclined to perhaps remove themselves from within a one metre radius of me – not forever – but just long enough to go have a shower via a stop over at the toilet.

assembly required with a philips head

I like to fancy myself a bit of an Ikea assembly guru. I’m good at it! My secret – my total disdain for reading instructions. (touch wood – or whatever this stuff is called!) It is a good thing too that I won’t be straining my eyes too much today reading the fine print.

that which I used to see

My eyes have been like this for two whole days now! I’ve managed to contract a case of conjunctivitis. Yuck! The children are both fine – no sign of it – so how I managed to get it is beyond me. It really hurts and is making me feel quite irritable. In terms of health the month of August was rather blah for me, a UTI that needed two courses of antibiotics to get rid of (which is something considering I hadn’t taken antibiotics for about five years), constant sore throats and ear ache, and then a vomitty-gastro bug. I thought I was out of the woods and ready to leave the winter blues behind me and then on the first day of spring I wake up and can’t open my eyes because they were ‘glued’ together! Urk!

Enough of my whinging. It is time for you to leave clear eyed and bushy tailed off to see all the creativity that abounds at Kirsty’s place.


  1. Oh brilliant eye photo! I hope they get better soon. The new play room sounds like its going to be wonderful.

  2. You deserve a big lie down after August. I hope September is full of Springy sunshine and good health.
    Good luck with the 'instructions'

  3. hope your eye are better soon {hugs} ♥

  4. Great idea on the playroom! Once you have it established change it regularly if you can to keep them interested in it! lol

    Bummer about the eye! Ouch... I really hope this month is better for you... hugs to you.

  5. Oh Conjunctivitis is the worse. You poor thing, I had it as a little girl, and it's soo painful.
    Hope you feel better soon. xo

  6. oh no Sal that's dreadful. And on the first day of spring as well! Hopefully it clears up quickly and you don't pass it on to the kids, that way the house can be back to healthiness and begin to enjoy some spring sunshine.

    Love building ikea furniture also, got my fingers crossed your playroom plan works in the private toileting time department!

    ps. only got your parcel in the mail yesterday sorry, been a busy week at school and didn't manage to get to the post office before then

  7. Let me know if you want me to pop on over to help with the flat-pack stuff - I love putting these things together. I consider it a personal challenge to get them done with no errors!
    OWWW your eye looks sore - sorry you've had such a rotten run of luck healthwise - I hope it improves.

  8. Let's hope that immune system of yours has had a decent worout now and is all fired up to fight off the rest of the year's bug's and ills....

    Love a bit of Ikea.....:) Good luck!

  9. i bet you got that conjunctivitus stabbing yourself in the eye in preference to putting ikea together ... i know it's been done before! LOL

    i hope you get well soon ... sore eyes are (insert appropriate expletive here).

    My Creative Space

  10. I hope the conjunctivitis is all cleared up now. Good luck with the toy room encouraging the children to leave your side – it hasn’t worked here! We don’t do a lot of tv around here, but I have caved and started taping playschool, I can now pop it on and have a shower in peace! Bliss!!

  11. poor thing Sally,
    That eye looks sooo sore...I hope it is much better soon :)
    BTW I loved the pic of the sleeping footy fan.
    Hugs, Sharon

  12. oh, i hope your eyes get better soon. and that sept is a much better month for your health.

    i am pretty hopeless with the flatpack thing, so i admire others who can. hope your play room idea goes well!

  13. OUCH!!! We are never more creative than when we are putting together flat pack furniture. x

  14. Hello Sally,

    I hope you are feeling so much better,maybe a sit with some crochet out in the sun will help. Hope you managed to get all those nuts and bolts together.
    Happy Monday.

  15. That sore eye is an eyesore. Ouch.

    Now how is that room working for you?!! Any independent moments?


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