Thursday, September 9, 2010

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I’d hoped to be sewing today in my creative space.

sewing in waiting

There are many projects waiting to be finished – but the sewing planets just haven’t been in alignment in my part of the world… and unfortunately today isn’t any different. My little poppet isn’t well today. We had a lovely afternoon at the zoo yesterday but my poor little one was uncharacteristically clingy – then when we came home she needed to be encouraged to eat her dinner and then as her dada scooped her from the bath she emptied the contents of her stomach all over him.

So today I’ve plans to do some more hooking, using acrylics yarns that I’ve been stashing away in a yet-to-be-completed (aka unfinished) hessian bag. The plan is to make some goodies for the new toy room that is finally starting to take some shape after putting together lots of furniture last Thursday.acrylics

As I snuggle with my poor little sick poppet hooking away I will be considering potential creative excuses for what I think will be my first ever speeding ticket. Ooops – there was a big flash from the supernova at the side of the road as I drove past! I’m thinking the truth - that I didn’t see the approaching camera or my speedometer because I was whacking my sick daughter riding in the back with her nappy wallet in a desperate effort to keep her awake until we got home – would get me into further trouble. Mmmmm… might just need to stay mum on this one.

Speaking of my nappy wallet – here it is:nappy wallet

I used Karen’s wonderful tutorial to make it. The tutorial was so easy to follow and having a nappy wallet makes getting out the front door so much easier – a “must have” item for mothers of toddlers.

For more creative space make a slow and steady trip to Kirsty’s – and be sure to keep your eyes on the road.


  1. Hope your little poppet is feeling better soon:)

  2. Good luck with the speeding fine conversation!! The nappy wallet is so cute. I should have made myself one ages ago, but was too slack and now I hope I am close the end of nappy days.

  3. oh poor little M. Hope she is better soon. We have another jinx moment today! This is getting to weird! lol
    But hey, maybe I will get some sewing mojo back if I try one of those nappy wallets - to make it, not whack the kid with it! hehehe... (not easy keeping them awake either when they get to that point!) Bummer about the speeding ticket though. Don't you just HATE that when you realise, umm... yeah, I think I just got busted! Darn it all. Hope it is the smallest infringment possible. But bugger! Darn it!

  4. wishing I had a nappy wallet when my kids were small! Hope your poppet is bouncing again soon

  5. That made me laugh so much because I can absolutely picture it. I've been rather too well acquainted with sick lately as well. roll on spring I say (oh and the ground to stop shaking, damn aftershocks)

  6. oh no! sometimes the truth definitely doesn't cut it hey. my first ever speeding fine a couple of years ago was in equally dubious circumstances - i had the beginning of a migraine (in which i get a weird blurry snake shape in my vision) and this one was looking to be a bad one because it was such a fat blurry 'snake' that when i held my hand up in front of that blurred area i realised i couldn't see my hand. and then *flash*. oops!

    love the spotty nappy bag and the beginnings of a spotty something else on the sewing machine.. is that cord?

  7. Hi! Thanks so much for joining in my giveaway. I hope your little one feels better soon and that your ticket doesn't eat into your craft funds!

  8. You have such a way with words! I was picturing the whole tale and laughing too, probably because we've all been there! Hope your little ones all better soon and thanks for sharing your days in such a brilliantly witty descriptive way!

  9. OOPS. On many fronts (including Dad's). May the wee one be well (and you still able to hook if you want!) speedy-like.

  10. Hope your poppet is feeling better soon.xo

  11. hope the poor wee one is feeling chipper soon. if you haven't had a fine before sometimes it is worth writing a sucky letter pleading for leniency on the basis of first offence and prior exemplary record ( i would leave out the part about the nappy wallet though, which by the way is very lovely)

  12. Oh no Sal - not a great day at all.
    I hope the little Miss is better soon.
    Definitely write a letter about the fine (omitting the part about beating the sick child of course) - I did once - I was only a few km over the limit, so the exorbitant fine was waived)I figured it was really 'saved' and so spent it on fabric!
    Glad you found the tutorial handy, my wallet lives in my bag now - no nappy bag for us anymore - hooray!

  13. your colour choices are wonderful ... both in yarn and cloth. i seem to love colour as much as you do. bad luck with the speeding fine. it's always awful to break a record like that and so easy to happen when they allow you the tiniest margin over.
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