Saturday, September 18, 2010

sew darn cute

Look what arrived for me yesterday!

for me 

A gorgeous parcel with the sweetest bow. So pretty. And inside?

sew darn cute

A most darling book of crafty goodness, and a greeting card that doubles as a recipe for chocolate brownies. Yummo!

I was lucky enough to win Clare’s giveaway.

I’d actually already read Sew Darn Cute before as I borrowed it from the library around the time of Sarah’s Apron Swap and used the apron in the book as the inspiration for my offering to my swap partner. I held off posting about the apron that I made and sent opting to wait until I received word that my apron had arrived. But I never heard. I emailed to check but no response. Perhaps because my swap partner hadn’t got around to making one for me – I hope it was that and not because she thought the apron I made awful. Or worse still that something terrible had happened to her. She hasn’t made any posts to her blog in a long time either which makes me worry for her.

my apron offeringmy apron offering  close up

Anyway – I was pretty pleased with the apron and so after a long time had passed and an apron still hadn’t arrived for me I decided to make another using the fabric remnants for me. A place to store all my sewing bits and bobs that I tend to walk around the house with and consequently misplace and loose.

an apron for me

I’m fairly pleased with the apron that I made for myself too… but I accidentally made the pockets a bit too deep. I’m not so good at measuring late at night and for the life of me I can’t quite figure out how I got it wrong. Not to worry.

A big thank you to Clare for offering such a generous giveaway. I’m so looking forward to tackling some of the other projects in the book… but which one to start with? 


  1. What a great book to receive, and I love that Apron, that fabric is so cool!

  2. GREAT apron!
    Probably the coolest I've ever seen. I love that it is a'line and I love all the fabrics you've used. Whata shame abot your swapee. I hope it turns up out of the blue one day and surprises you.

  3. Looks like a gorgeous book ( i wish our library had cute sewing books!) , and you look very swish in your apron!

  4. Lovely prize and great apron. I plan to make something similar as a market apron to hold stuff in. I might have to consult your blog for some how to!

  5. awesome, congrats sal! winning things is such a lifter, isnt it !!! ps . love the apron. rockin. pss. thank you for clares' link!

  6. Wow, great apron Sal! It's very sad that you didn't get a 'swap apron' in the mail too :( I hope your swap partner is ok!

  7. OH wow, that is a great book!
    & your apron is terrific! Lovely style, lovely fabric.
    & after a disappointing swap, you are rewarded with a beaut book. What goes around comes around huh? Totally Awesome!

  8. that is one cool apron, going to have to check out that book. Did you know you can request books from other libraries all over Australia and your local library will get it in for you? Thinking of posting about this on my blog today.

  9. I'm so glad the book cheered you up Sally !
    Love your little apron , great fabrics !

  10. cute!!! deep pockets are always good!
    so did you end up getting your swap then?
    now I am inspired, NEED to make one!
    I'll let you know if I do.
    happy Sunday Sal

  11. That is a great apron Sal - now you'll never lose your scissors, or tape measure or all those things you walk back and forth finding.
    I hope your swap partner is OK, and not just a big stinker for not sending to you!


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