Tuesday, September 7, 2010


1. breakfastBreakfast, tea and raisin toast, before heading to a local park to look for turtles…

2. looking for turtles3. no luck… we didn’t find any. (we did see ducks – but really that isn’t very exciting now is it?)

Time for the serious business of play…4. time for play5. on the swing6. hanging around…before heading home for lunch and a rest.

I hooked away as I listened to the mad Katter…7. listening to the mad katter

… and waited for the press conference that would reveal the outcome of the election.8. watching the announcement

The children woke up just as the press conference began. Their interest in events was short lived so…      9. with the kids

…they were bribed to stay quiet with the chocolate Megan sent me (I wasn’t planning to share but it was there at hand).10. bribing the children with chocolate 

The pressure was on. We were running late for an appointment…11. watching ... but running late12. really running late

… but since Rob just kept talking and talking the children were quickly herded into the car and the radio was tuned in so that I could hear what his final decision was…13. tuning in to the radio

…and finally when we were here on our trip I heard that Julia Gillard would be forming a minority government. 14. and the winner is


We eventually made it to our appointment – but a little bit late due to Rob’s blathering. Check out the waiting room! Almost more fun than the park we’d been to earlier in the day. And check out the art on the wall – truly stunning.15. in the waiting room

I hooked as we waited to be seen…16. hooking 

…and eventually we were, but not before both the children were well and truly bouncing off the walls after scoffing so much chocolate (they don’t often get it!)…17. with the doctors

… on to another waiting room… 18. another waiting room

…and then finally home, after picking up Dave from work. Time to put my feet up… 19. feet up

…and reflect on the day and the new government. 20. time to reflect on the new government 

Bring on the sunshine.


  1. I think old Rob liked the sounds of his own voice! We were all getting a bit cranky with him.

    Love that photo of your shoes on the dash!

  2. I have many a photo of me wearing Chucks on the dash of our vehicle. Here is my fav: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gone-away/3455654142/

    It is time for a new pair, maybe I'll get a red pair like yours. I do fancy red.

    P.s. I hope all of the doctors appt. bring good news.

  3. I think Rob might be auditioning to host "Who wants to be a millionaire"

  4. gorgeous Post.
    BIG YAY eh! Phew what a relief, it was really close there...
    Ps I'm going to the swans match on Sat night.

  5. oh dear, is your leg broken or dislocated or something??? Ouch... thinking of whoever owns the xrays!
    That looks like a really cool waiting room!

  6. THANK GOD!!! Julia. PHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Goodness it was torture. I was in the car waiting to pick up the kids, willing a pre-school bell announcement. 3.29pm it finally landed. And THANK YE HEAVENS it was the right(er) one!

  8. Wow! What a day...I don't know about you but I'm exhausted:)) xo

  9. Rob went on and on! I'm glad we finally have an outcome, even if it did take him 25mins to say 'Labor'! My boy was getting pretty annoyed about missing Play school.

  10. LOL we love the Mad Katter up here!!!! I love your photos, those gumtrees are great aren't they :-) Hope the knee is OK??

    I haven't been getting your posts in my reader so I just did a big catch up....so glad to see Megan using a Furoshiki!!! Lucky you for all those goodies. Nice crochet as well! Are you joining in the softee swap that has been started over your neck of the woods??

  11. Phewwww! Such a relief! I was hoping it'd all be over in one sentence. But on and on he went. I was actually shopping with my kids so I popped into an elcetronics store where the press conference coverage was on thier tvs!! About 5 minutes was my kids limit so I had to catch it later on the radio! My sons take made me smile, 'did our green team win?' ;0)

  12. Awesome photos! Sounds like it was a good day! I like your blog :)

  13. Yay from here too. I love how you documented this day! Just great to have all those step by step photos. Perhaps I should carry the camera around a bit more... then I might remember what a day holds!


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