Tuesday, October 26, 2010

300 in 300



Today is 2010’s three-hundredth day. Only sixty-five days to go until the start of a new year. Wow. I am keeping up with my a granny day pledge. Since day 200 I’ve been working on some crocheted granny-bunting triangles…

bunting collage … eighty-four of them in fact. Six each of fourteen colours. All their ends have been woven in and now they’re just waiting to be joined together.

Also started working on some granny-stars too…

granny stars 

…there are twenty-five of them so far - although my children are particularly interested in them and so I’m having difficulty keeping track of them all! No doubt they’ve been posted by Ms. M into some random places.

I’ve gotta be honest and say that at this time of the year I certainly have granny fatigue and look forward to the end of the year when I’ll be taking a break from the triple-treble crochet cluster! Until then there is still more granny work to be done. I haven’t worked much more on the blanket for Master E. since day 200 and I hope to get it wrapped up by the end of the year (or better still Christmas!). I’m also waiting on Pip’s granny bauble tutorial. And no doubt there’ll be some more granny stars and perhaps even some granny hearts?  Not long to go to the final granny tally at the end of the year … see you then!


  1. you are good, my granny a day definitely went by the wayside a long time ago. although if i can count the stars then they are slowly starting to add up again. definitely won't be making the 365 mark though!

    love the colours you've used for your bunting and can't wait to see it all put together. are your stars to go with the bunting or for something else?

  2. Great work Sally! Oh those stars are an amazing puffy christmas garland in my mind!

  3. Love those gorgeous stars - they look perfect in white. I am wondering what you are going to do with all of those colourful grannys when you are finished.

  4. I am hoping that when I add up the projects after the end of my year they may come close to 365???? Am I allowed to count the ones I scored at the op shop??

    Look at all your bunting.....Fantastic! Can't wait to see that all strung up looking pretty :-)

  5. I am in awe! It takes me ages just to do one normal granny lol
    All the colours are so lovely together.


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