Wednesday, October 6, 2010

cauliflower in coriander and mint yoghurt sauce


coriander going to seed


New coriander pants are beginning to thrive in my spring garden and older plants have started to go to seed. As for the mint it thrives all year round – we’ll never have a shortage.

$1 cauliflower

My unofficial mister loves a good bargain, some might (but oh not me – never ever!) call him a tight arse or cheapskate, and this weekend at the market he scored a massive cauliflower for $1. 

cauliflower going to seed

The cauliflower in our garden is flowering and about to go to seed.

With all this lovely produce my partner made us the most delicious dinner tonight – cauliflower in a coriander and mint yoghurt sauce. Delicious.

mint and coriander leaves

cauliflower and potatoes

leaves and yoghurt in the processor   stirring

vegetarian curry recipe book

So many wonderful sights and smells in the kitchen. Both the children helped to collect the coriander and mint leaves from the garden, wash them and pick them. They stood on their little stools next to their father as he prepared the meal, helping in other ways as they could. It was an endearing sight to behold.

cauliflower in coriander mint yoghurt sauce 

… and there was a scrumptious outcome to an afternoon’s cooking. My man looked mighty satisfied with himself as he sat enjoying the meal and repeatedly asserting the budgetary virtues of the dish. It was all good.


To download or print the recipe go here.


  1. He's done a mighty good job there, it looks and sounds delicious. xo

  2. Good going Dave! I might have to try it sometime soon, you guys, or is it the Mr, makes some good curries!

  3. That looks delicious. Thanks for sharing! x

  4. Nice! Your garden is looking and sounding lush.

  5. It really looks delicious. Is the book full of recipes like these?


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