Wednesday, October 20, 2010

eating from my garden :: artichoke

artichoke croquettes 

My first artichokes have been harvested and cooked. Neither Dave or I have ever cooked artichoke from scratch before so we decided upon this artichoke croquette recipe figuring that our children might enjoy it too. We had to make a smaller quantity than the recipe suggested because we have only grown four harvestable artichokes to date. Oops… we ate them all while the children were sleeping so they’ll have to wait for next time to try them. There will be a next time - they were YUM!


  1. OH well done on your harvest & hmmm... artichoke croquettes sound interesting! I've only had them canned on pizza, not fresh. Saw some in shops so might have to get one for the Mr to cook. He likes a challenge! Thanks for some inspiration! lol

  2. Oh there is nothing better than eating your own produce, yay!

  3. oh yum! haven't tried fresh ones before but marinated artichokes was my new gourmet food love of 2009. might have to hunt some down in the shops and give that recipe a try


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