Friday, October 8, 2010

eating from my garden :: dill


Dill is one of the many herbs I have growing in my garden. It is one of my favourites… so much so that it gets the privilege of growing in one of my most loved mosaic pots. The heart is made from a jewellery dish that I bought when travelling through Vietnam – it fell to the floor one fateful day and smashed into tiny pieces.

The yellow flowers of the dill plant attracts beneficial bugs such as ladybugs, hoverflies and lacewings. According to the plant info tag that came with the plant one hoverfly will consume 1200 aphids… so we want to welcome those hoverflies with open arms.

One of my all time favourite summer snacks has dill. It is simple enough to make. You need water crackers, camembert cheese, pear and, yep you guessed it,  some freshly picked dill.  Delicious.

 cheese, dill, pear

friday afternoon snacks cheese, dill, pear crackers 

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. I love dill, the smell when you only touch it.....
    On my blog is a giveaway, you are welcome

  2. Adding dill to my shopping list for the nursery today. I had just read about the benefits but forgot which plant to buy. Thank you! Those snacks look lovely too.

  3. OH thanks for the snack idea. Lovely. My dill that I got last month for my birthday is starting to grow nicely so I will be able to enjoy that in summer! Yay! Yes we do like those aphid eating bugs too! Trade you for some ants!!!!

  4. Oh yeah, & your pot is so cute! Love the heart & the dish it is or was rather! Very nice story. You did a great job of it!

  5. dill is wonderful but i couldn't get past your pot. it's amazing ... and in my favourite colour scheme.
    my blog

  6. lovely sal ! i am a big fan of the dill. so different than all the other herbs. i must admit..i'm a lemon verbena gal myself. x happy spring ! (your snack looks delicious)

  7. Hey, I did a camembert cheese post today too!

  8. I love that you recycled the dish Sal so you still have it as a memory trigger when you see it.
    Yum - will be trying that snack out!

  9. I adore dill, it's the European in me, I just can't help myself. Dill, cucumbers and sour cream are a match made in heaven.

  10. yum looks delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Blogtober :) im tryign to make my way through the list hehe

  11. Your pot is beautiful and your dish looks pretty in it's new heart shape.

    I like your snack idea. I think I'll be putting some dill in my garden I've never tried growing it before.:)

  12. and i love dill! one of my fav's is a risotto with dill, pumpkin, feta and kalamata olives. sounds weird, but works so so well!


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