Monday, October 18, 2010

more practice

Remember this? I was practicing my stem stitch. I used the piece of calico to practice another new(ish)* skill – sewing zips – and made a case to store my small collection of stamps. Two I bought in India and the other one I made.

stamp casestamp case zipstamp case on the inside

Now that I have a place to store them perhaps I will make and acquire more stamps. I like stamps.

I have plans to make more zipped cases to store odd bits and pieces. All part of my ongoing quest to be organised – and hey why not practice some skills along the way?

* I sewed my first ever zip this year.


  1. Your zippered case is such a delight....even more so when it is opened to reveal such beautiful colours!

  2. That is so neat. I really really must overcome my paranoia of zips. It must be possible to do them, it must!

  3. Oh well done on the zip thing! Nice way to practice lots on the way to making organised things! Great idea & great job as usual!

  4. Your zip is so neat Sal! You obviously have that skill mastered already.

  5. Beaufiful, now that is a skill I need to practice! Can you recommend a good tutorial??

  6. Yay for zips, I have been sewing up some wee cases too, need to take photo's of them. What stunning fabric you have used on the inside too :)


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