Thursday, October 21, 2010

my creative space :: the WIP box

the WIP box

Now that the coat is finished there is space in the WIP (work in progress) box for a new project… a small one, but room nonetheless. It would be good to make a little more room though so that a few fun summer projects could be started. You see the rule that I have set myself is that I can only start a new project if there is room in the box.

The current contents of the box are as follows:

  • 2 x pillow cases to make two pillowcase dresses for Ms. M
  • 1 x pants cut out & ready to sew for Ms. M
  • 1 x pants cut out & ready to sew for Master E
  • 1 x hat cut out & ready to sew for Master E
  • 1 x pinafore dress half sewn just waiting to change colour of thread in overlocker (? I think that is why I’ve stopped … this project has sunk towards the bottom of the box)
  • 1 x pants half sewn for me
  • 1 x pant to re-fashion/re-hem for me
  • 1 x summer dress to shorten for me
  • 1 x apron to patch up (after ‘play’ karate kicking partner in kitchen with rotary cutter in apron – oops!)

So today in my creative space I will be busting the box.

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  1. Hey I'm going to steal that idea, it's brilliant. A project box is just what I need to get organised for Christmas and Summer. Thanks foro the idea xx

  2. That is such a great idea! I need to start one of those boxes. Currently my half sewn projects hide under piles of fabric on my desk.

  3. only me stalking you again! Sick of me yet?

    I love the idea of WIP box. Great job. Not that I can cope with having that much going on at once! lol But I really like the idea & looking forward to seeing some finished from your box in the next few days! hahaahahhaha

  4. WHat a great idea. Being so organized too, putting them all in one box is something that wouldn't even enter my mind.
    I think the first on your list should be one of those thing for you, Master and Miss have gotten alot of your wonderful creations, I think you're due!xo

  5. That is a great idea. There would have to be some rules pasted onto the side for me, or the plastic might crack - either through SQUEEZING something else in. Or laying dormant for a month or two and getting brittle.

    Karate/rotary cutter sounds death defying! Everyone still have all their toes?

  6. Fab idea. Now to find a nice BIG box.

  7. thats so funny. A couple of days ago I was thinking.. I really must have a seperate box for my works in progress... you are one step ahead of me!

  8. I started with a WIP I've got a couple! ;)


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