Friday, October 29, 2010




Dark and gloomy. Perhaps sophisticated and polished too.

I’ve been feeling dark in the later part of this week. Questioning everything about myself and allowing the noir within to take hold. It has been a bit of a battle to get on top of it – I think I am now. It isn’t always easy.

This week’s feature shot was taken by Mr. 3 earlier in the year. It is one of my favourite shots of 2010 not just because of the image, which is interesting, but also because of what it taught me. To play. To have fun. Not to be afraid to have a go. Mr. 3 teaches me lessons like that on almost a daily basis.

man in the sky 

More here.


  1. Very dramatic collage.
    Hope your week gets better for you.

  2. Hi Sally.
    You have taken a very different direction with your photos this week. They are quite stunning!
    And isn't it amazing that we are able to learn things from our children, no matter what their age.
    Best wishes for the week ahead!

  3. Luv the feature shot Sally...great way to show the dark side of halloween...hope you have a brighter week.

  4. HOpe this weeks a little brighter for you Sally.
    Those dark times where we question everything are horrible and sometimes it is so hard to see the light xo

  5. Oooh yes I'd agree!
    A lot of black going on here Sal,
    wishing you a lighter brighter week this week :-)
    Oh you managed to catch some crows.

    Love Mr 3's pic.. it's a great reminder for us all.

  6. Me too Sal. A week of questioning, feeling noir, till I poked my head up through the darkness and realised it's not my problem!
    Hope you too survived unscathed. Your Mr.3 ... words don't describe do they.
    Hugs Hugs. xo.


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