Sunday, October 31, 2010

october sewing challenge :: refashion


October’s sewing challenge is to re-create or re-design something picked up from the op shop. I started with this pillowcase:


… and, guided by this book,  turned it into this dress:

pillowcase dress

Super sweet me thinks… and it was my first ever go at sewing on ric-rac too!

pillow case dress 

My favourite part of this little dress is the Mr. Chatterbox tag in the back. A small touch using a piece of ribbon from my own childhood… and fittingly Ms. M is quite the chatterbox these days. Her talking is so good, she picks up so many words and phrases each and every day.

the dress 1 the dress 2the dress 3the dress 4

A great dress for exploring. The cotton is so lovely, yet durable. This dress, which is soon to be a top, will last much longer than it will fit Ms. M.

Ms M in the pillowcase dress

… and inspired by all the pillow case refashioning and because I didn’t find the time to make myself a bag last month I used this pillowcase:

pillow case

… to make this bag:

pillow case bag

For more re-fashioned goodness head on over to Carolyn’s.


  1. Wow! What can I say! Wow! That dress looks fantastic! & the bag is way cool! Well done!
    & they are things out of your WIP box aren't they? All the better cos now you get to start some new things to fill the space!
    Really great job on the dress. You have the ricrac on perfectly!

  2. Great dress! It's a lovely idea anyway but the way you have added the little extra special bits and pieces make it great : )

  3. how sweet does Ms M look in her beautiful new dress! you've done a great job there. and how straight is your ricrac sewing?! mine is so wonky!

  4. How cute is she in that little dress:)

  5. Oh WOW so gorgeous Sal. Three cheers for being so very clever ;););) xo.

  6. what a cute dress! and i love the ric rac, it really gives the a lift to the hem of the dress. i love love love op-shopped pillowcases, good for all occasions!

  7. the dress is just beautiful Sally! looks for comfy too xo

  8. That is so clever and so cute.

  9. Adorable dress. I love the Little Miss Chatterbox label - what a clever personal touch.

  10. Oh Sally this is so cute,a great way to try out a new pattern. In a few years your daughter will be winning the Melbourne Cup Fashion Award. Good on you for recycling.Just think what you could make with a sheet!!!
    Have a fantastic weekend.

  11. You did a great job sewing that ric rac on so neatly:) Very sweet little dress. xo


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