Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the sweetest man

Last night my beloved came home with a brown paper bag. Not a lunch sized one either – a big brown paper bag with handles. You know the ones I mean? I didn’t think much of it. I was keen to hand over child rearing responsibilities and fly out the door.

After I returned home and the kiddies were sleeping soundly he told me he had something for me. Oooo! A smile went straight on my dial, my heart lifted a little and my brain started giving the rest of me sound advice not to get too excited and to be sure to show appreciation. Fake smile and good manners ready – check. I find there is always an element of dread accompanying the feelings of elation when I receive a gift from my man… will he hit or miss?


Look what he gave me…golden hands magazine

… and not just one Golden Hands magazine either. An entire pile of them! With fancy binders and all! YAY! Big YAY! Jumping on the bed clapping my hands kind of YAY! Laughing and giggling and squealing with delight YAY!

a pile of golden hands magazines - 23 infact! 

Isn’t he just the sweetest man?


  1. Very Sweet Man! Well done D!
    They look terrific! & File folder to boot. Bonus!
    & I expect to see the prettiest suit in town on you soon!

  2. Oooohhhhh Golden hands a golden gift for any occasion- full bloke points for that one. I am impressed!!!

  3. He IS the sweetest man! You're lucky to have him, but he's super lucky to YOU! xo

  4. Triple Brownie Points! Doesn't it just bring tears to your eyes when you know he "gets" you.

  5. I agree with Tanya, triple brownie points for you man, well done :) What a fab gift


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