Tuesday, October 12, 2010

thinking of you :: jess @ teddy bear’s wednesday

panda face

This little bear (I don’t know if it is a boy or a girl?) has been hanging around in bits and pieces various corners of my home for a couple of months now. I’ve been meaning to put s/he together but there has been a tendency for it to get covered up with other crap … because it does freak me out so to see little bears in bits and pieces.

When I do stumble upon her/him I’m often startled! … then I think of Jess @ Teddy Bear’s Wednesday and have a little awkward giggle. How does she do it? Hanging out with those bear parts on a daily basis.

She is one supremely talented bear maker… oh yeah and little lambs, rabbits and elephants too!

I will get this little one sewn up soon, and I’ll be thinking of Jess (and another important person in my life who I’ll tell you about later) every stitch along the way. She is an inspiration.

Thank you Jess.


  1. Naaaw! If I know Jess at all, I think you've just made her cry! She IS talented & very efficient in her Teddy-making-ways, but luckily I doubt bear parts freak her out; she loves her guys too much for that!!

  2. I agree, Jess, is one very clever talented bear maker. x but you look like you are coming along behind her pretty well.

  3. Aw such a cute little bear - put him together and give him life!

    Hope you're enjoying Blogtoberfest as mich as I am. I'm just working my way through all the sites listed - quite a feat!!

    Fiona x

  4. Oh Sally. THank you !!! You are gorgeous and very kind.
    I'm so humbled and touched. I don't quite know what to say. Vic is right, you made me cry, and bear parts don't freak me out at all because I know well most of the time there's a happy ending. ( you don't know how often I say " have you seen an arm/head/ear? I've lost my head....)
    He's looking utterly gorgeous, I can't wait to see him whole xo

  5. How sweet is the way Jess describes the process - "a happy ending"
    I am sure your teddy will also have a happy ending.


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