Wednesday, October 6, 2010

weaving in wednesday

ends to be weaved in

Here are the granny ends I’ll be weaving in as I watch The United States of Tara on the telly tonight. With any luck I won’t become crazed and maniacal by the end of the evening, nor will a new crochet hating ‘alter’ emerged.


  1. I love doing a bit of crochet every now and then, but doing something with those ends I find the most time consuming part.

    Have fun weaving away while watching telly.

  2. so did you get them all done? Or even half? I find they go faster when I do them talking to people cos I am not so focused on them. Eases the pain. lol

  3. LOVE the colours! cant wait to see it finished

  4. Ah, you crack me up. And you can't weave ends while watching Tara! That is the ONLY anything I refuse to craft in front of. Undivided attention and all that...



  5. I love this photo Sally, but I must admit I'm kicking myself... Is that how it's supposed to be done? Thanks for this :)) I'm so laughing at myself now - I joined them all together and then had this hairy back-side on my blanket to contend with ;) Next time I'm doing it your way! Kx

  6. Did you avoid the crazed & maniacal? I admire your plans - my granny blanket ends are being well avoided at the moment, though in full view so I have to keep seeing it! Maybe I should aim for a couple of ends each day. That way it might be done before Emily's first birthday?? Gah!!

  7. Gorgeous colours. They are going to look great as a blanket.

    I love Tara. Isn't it the best show.


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