Friday, November 19, 2010



Brown. Brown. Brown. Oh how I detest thee!

Mmm… well maybe not, but I certainly do in terms of home interiors. I live in what started out as ‘the brown’ house and is slowly slowly being painted into other colours with lots of white trim. There is a long way to go, so lots of brown taps, brown skirting board, brown tiles to be found in this home. There is a “vintage” brown oven too! It doesn’t work anymore – it died an inconvenient death a couple of months back. 

Still there are some beautiful brown things in my life. My brown Louis Vutton hand bag that I never ever use because really it just isn’t me but is nice to have, my brown wooden treasure box, my grandfather’s brown case, and the brown teddy bear that my grandmother gave my son not long after he was born. Who can go past brown packaging tape as one of the most useful things ever, and Master E. said that I should take a photo of his brown monkey backpack to show everyone too.

As for the brown feature shot for this week, well it is a brown donkey doe eye. I like how you can see the reflection of the sky in this shot, and I definitely have eye-lash envy!

donkey eye 

More brown here.


  1. Hello Sally,

    Do you remember when you could only get "Mission Brown" paint for outdoors???? Love your collection of Brown items especially the photo of donkey, yes I do have eyelash envy, he was probably male,they always seem to get the long eyelashes. Happy Colourful Friday.

  2. Hi Sally.
    You have selected some lovely brown photos.
    I'm so pleased you put your son's backpack in because it looks great!
    And it looks like here are a few family treasures in the collection too.
    Beautiful shot with the donkey!!!

  3. Love your eye's fantastic :-)

  4. ...didn't think of brown pics

  5. i am off to get brown packing tape this afternoon. it will be getting lots of use in my world over the next handful of weeks! beautiful photos as always sal, love that donkey eye and your treasure chest is stunning!

  6. Great photos.
    Our house is one of the "brown panelling from the 60's" type that we have been painting away at :)
    Love the eye shot.


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