Tuesday, November 30, 2010

just a minute … in november

Listening… to some classical music this month.

Watching… Entourage (season 3) and Weeds (season 4).

Tasting… success. E. was awarded his first medallion – which he subsequently wore for weeks. He and his kindy mates won first prize in a children’s week art competition. Bravo!

the taste of success

Playing… in the pool. E becomes more and more confident swimming without his floaties, Ms. M on the other hand is so cautious around the pool – so completely different to her brother at the same age. Makes hanging out pool side a much more relaxing experience. Indoors Ms. M is obsessed with the playing shopping, one of her favourite phrases is “pay money”.

Developing… big brother skills. E is really developing into a lovely, caring and protective big brother. It is so gorgeous to watch and I am so proud of him, particularly at this time as Ms. M approaches the challenging age of two.


Meeting… Lara from Create for Life for coffee. It was the first time that I’ve met up with a friend from blogland and we had such a fantastic time chatting about creating, blogging and so much more. Marvellous.

Freaking out about… unexpected expenses: the oven doesn’t work and the car’s gear box is being rebuilt. One of the shelves in the fridge just “fell off” and the washing machine is occasionally making strange sounds that make my stomach lurch. Living without an oven is one thing, existing without the washing machine is a whole other story. 

Gardening… some hot November days have taken their toll on the garden. We’ve harvested lots of artichokes, beetroot and English spinach …and finally the children have learnt to let the strawberries ripen before gobbling them all up!



  1. LOVE Entourage and Weeds!!! ( again that freaky feeling)
    Although I'm a bit further along and awaiting the arrival of seasons 7 and 5 respectively. I'm watching the Mentalist at the moment and enjoying it alot I have to say.
    Love the gorgeous pic of you kiddos, how beautiful is it about your boy being a great big brother.
    You must have the most delicious meals with all your fresh garden produce. Enjoy xo

  2. Love the picture of them both. So lovely when they become so protective of each other. He will start punching the other kids to save Miss M now! lol

  3. Hello Sally,

    Such a lovely post,your photo of your children is so lovely. Our strawberries melted in the heat we have just endured.Enjoy your evening.


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