Friday, November 12, 2010


lavender collage

Lavender. Smells so good. It is one of my favourite scents. I have two varieties of lavender growing in my garden, but aside from that not a lot of objects sporting a lavender hue in or around my home. So much so that today I purchased a roll of parma violets (a close friend’s favourite lolly) and a bar of lavender soap so that I would have some objects to photograph!

Personally I don’t wear a lot of lavender or purple either. As such I’ve made a couple of outfits for Ms. M in a lavender hue of purple – I’m conscious of the fact that as the primary clothes maker and shopper in this household that the children might accidentally end up matchy-matchy with me.

Here is a shot of Ms. M from the beginning of the year wearing a lavender outfit that I made for her using an Enid Gilchrist pattern…botanical babe 

… and here she is again in another ensemble made up of lavender hues that I have only recently sewn-up:

having fun

Oh my! Look at how much she has grown this year.

More lavender here.


  1. Ms. M looks gorgeous in her outfits and I can almost smell the bar of soap :)

  2. Ms. M is going to be the best dressed little girl this spring/summer in all her new cute.

    I've got to say I don't do purple at my house, but I think if I called it lavendar I could sneak a bit of it in, your pictures are so pretty it makes me want to go out to someone elses garden and pick some!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend planned.

  3. The little outfit is so sweet and the model far sweeter!

    I can't wait till my little one starts walking so she can wear clothes without getting dirt stains on them.

  4. love your pics - you have a lovely model there ;-)

  5. wow she has grown heaps!

    & boy, your pics just get better & better. I think I'd better come over for some lessons.

  6. Hi Sally.
    Lovely photos for today.
    I think Ms. M is a perfect model and the clothes look great too. She looks like a very happy little girl..... and rather gorgeous, too!
    Have a lovely, lavender weekend.

  7. Hello Sally,

    A great collection of lavender. I love Ms M's outfits. Enid Gilchrist patterns are just great. They are really easy to draft. Have a great weekend.
    Happy days.


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