Thursday, November 11, 2010

my creative space :: on the road

creative in the car

Oh my! What a busy busy day! I’m feeling pretty exhausted right now. I’ve been running around town going to appointments and doing jobs all day. I scoffed a single weet-bix and all the crumbs at the bottom of the box this morning (and still forgot to buy more while I was at Woolies) and then it was out the door and go go go. My creative space came with me… I’ve been hooking this scarf using some yarn that I picked up for $1 a ball at Spotlight a couple of weeks back. It’s a really easy hooking so perfect to take while waiting for appointments or stopped in traffic. Of course I don’t really need a scarf now that summer is about to start – but hey I needed an easy project where I don’t need to concentrate and this is perfect. This scarf is the first thing I have crocheted for myself… and who knows maybe we’ll win lotto and travel to Paris for the northern hemisphere winter and I want to be ready too.

softie for mirabel

Now that I’m home I’ve started stitching this little creature, my softie for Mirabel offering, while my man cooked the kids an omelette for dinner. I can hear the kids splashing around in the bath now… I better go help out to get my two very tired bubs in bed. Then I’ll be collapsing in front of the Season 3 Entourage DVD that I borrowed from the library this week and picking up my hook.

I’ll be popping by to visit all the creative peeps that hang out at Kirsty’s place too once I’m all rugged up in my PJs.


  1. I hope tomorrow isn't so busy, busy days really are so tiring. Your little softie is looking very sweet, love the colours. Enjoy chilling and watching the telly. xo

  2. I'm so jealous!
    I wish that I was watching season 3 of Entourage for the first time too. I love those boys so much and can't get season 7 yet. How much does Ari make you laugh!
    Love the look of that little face too. X

  3. your mirabel softie looks awfully cute! that reminds me that i should start mine too!

  4. She's a sweetie that Mirabel. Still haven't signed up. But have started cutting bits out. Keep kicking me in the shins will you?

  5. I love the very simplicity of your face and handwork. I think your colours are so lovely. Did you do your own felting?

    p.s. I went to the post office today, x

  6. Hello Sally,

    Hope you are in your Pj's relaxing now. Love the scarf,happy crocheting.

  7. yes, mirabel softie! yes, will do that soon.

  8. I knew you were a good woman but you just keep getting better and better. Love those boys love that show!!
    The face is looking gorgeous too xo

  9. Lovely colour for your scarf Sally. You'll be pleased you kept going with it when the cool comes!
    That little face is so sweet! Someone little is going to love the finished cutie. x

  10. Your softie is looking adorable! And so is that scarf. That was a good sale at Spotlight wasn't it!! :-)


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