Thursday, November 25, 2010

my creative space :: red cars go faster

… but it is unlikely that an old VW beetle or combine van will make it onto any of Top Gear’s fastest cars list. These little red VWs aren’t going any where – but I love them all the same.

red beetlered combi van

Cath inspired me to stitch the little beetle, the pattern is from here. And the combi van is the letter “S” (for Sally) from the cars front @ Dafont.

I’ve always wanted a VW. Never had one … yet! But now I am a little closer.

These little broom brooms are now ready to travel with me on my daily adventures…nappy wallet

The little beetle is on the front of a nappy wallet that I again made using Karen’s fab. tutorial, and the combi van is on yet another zipped case (complete with dirt stain from muddy puddle) …

craft caseinside craft case

… this one to keep my in-the-car crafting supplies – scissors, needles, thread, crochet hook… and probably in time more bits and bobs.

Both the nappy wallet and craft case are destined to live in the car. That way there are a couple of less things I have to think about packing as we venture out using the car because I know they’re just there. BUT … none of it will be used today as I am without car - it is at the mechanic’s for what looks like will be a very expensive service. *Boo hoo*

So today I am starting the process of filling the empty WIP box. I have an anxious feeling in my tummy – frankly I am a bit overwhelmed. Where to start? Where to start? Ms. M’s second birthday is in a little over a fortnight and then it will be Christmas time. I need to take a deep breath and get a grip … and then just start. Putting off projects that I hope to complete any longer is just counter-productive and I’ll kick myself for it later… but oh sometimes when I feel this way I’d rather just have a lie down and bury my head under a pillow.

…maybe I’ll just put it all off for another half-hour and go check out all the inspirational creativity @ Kirsty’s place. See you there.


  1. The VW bug stitchies are gorgeous. Super cute and funky and useful.But between you and me, I've done the combi thing and it nearly killed me. NEVER AGAIN!!

  2. Love the red on linen looks and those old fash cars are gorgeous, and now useful items again! I also have the "emergency" nappy pack which contains the basics and I find it invaluable, and so much better than lugging around the big nappy bag on short trips. Lovely work!

  3. Fantastic. Love them. The kind of thing that gets me excited for learning more about embroidery! You've done a great job.

  4. Oh Sally! So gooooooooooorgeous!!! Your stitching is much more neater than mine I love it!! It looks great. Good on you.
    I have busys birthday and Christmas a month apart but still feel overwelmed by the enormity of planning and making I want to get done!!

  5. They look great. What a wonderful idea. Beautiful stitching!

  6. Before you launch entirely into freak out mode, just bask a little. Beautiful stitchery and car craft uber organisation: SENSATIONAL!

  7. Love your VB embroideries.
    I love VB's too, and have always wanted one too.
    How much more can we have in common! xo

  8. These are just too cool, love them and very handy indeedy. I hope the service wasn't too bad. I dreed putting my car in for a service there always seems to be something wrong with it! xo

  9. I hope the car isn't too expensive and you're back on the road with your goodies to hand ... your stitching is gorgeous.
    My Creative Space

  10. Noice stitchin. That combo van is fantastic and what a great idea to keep some crafting supplies in the car - I must do that.

  11. oh awesome work! Love them to bits. I have the beetle pic but didn't have the combi till now. Must go get that. Love your work.
    Bummer about the car... but it will be safe & happy to drive when it is made all well so that's good too...
    good luck deciding what to make next!

  12. Really beautiful stiching Sally! I love the VW and the Combi :-)

  13. Love! The red and linen look fabulous together :) beautiful stitching too, I wish I was as neat as you!

  14. Crafting supplies in the car - great idea, for when you're stuck at those pesky traffic lights maybe ;-)
    Another V-dub fan here.

  15. eeek - something else we have in common! My dream car is a gorgeous VW Beetle, but my ultimate would have to be a VW combi, which I would deck out as a mobile studio! We could go creating together!! Love the stitching too btw. Must go look for those patterns - totally gorgeous.


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