Monday, November 29, 2010

@ my place

… it is time for a cup of tea*.

time for a cup of tea

I had a busy weekend. There was the usual shopping, the not so usual shopping, then the last sewing guild meeting for the year and a regional show too!

1. the show2. the show

We had a fantastic time at the show. It was the first time the children had been to a show like that in the night time, and really the first time that they’d been to a show at all. Mr. E went to a Royal Perth Show with his grandparents when he was about nine months old – but I doubt he’d remember any or it.

3. the show4. the show

They were both totally mesmerised by all the lights, rides, merchandise and people. They both took it in their strides very well, particularly when we explained that we couldn’t afford to participate in any of the extras. It cost $24 admission and then it was $6/ride. That translated to $12 for both children to jump on the jumping castle… I think not! (especially when you see them at so many of the summer festival events for free) I was really proud of them for being so understanding.

6. the show

The big finale was of course the fireworks. It was both of their first times. Such a magical experience to share with them. E. was beside himself – so many exclamations of “wow” and there was even an “its so beautiful!”. Ms. M was a bit scared at first but relaxed and enjoyed then once she was sitting in my lap having a big hug.

Yesterday we all slept in… something that just doesn’t happen here at this place at all. The we ate a late and lazy big breakfast, gardened and then splashed about in the pool. It was pretty restful.

This morning we’ve been doing all the jobs that we let slip on the weekend… it’s washing day but we’ve also been sweeping and vacuuming floors. Nothing too over the top but the place is so much nicer cause we did. Then we watched play school and were inspired to build a rocket ship.

off to the moon

I think there are some moon adventures going on while I have this cuppa. While the little ones are in outer space I’m hoping to cut the fabric to go with these little faces.

little faces 

… and then later in the afternoon friends are coming to play and splash with us in the pool. Good times.

Wishing you lots of good times at your place too.

* I usually drink Lipton’s tea but I just found this fancy-pancy twinnings tea bag and thought I’d give it a go. It was nice.


  1. Delightful!! Yes, i nearly choked when my 4 children had been promised a ride on the Big Wheel at Floridade in Canberra & it was $8 each!! I gave them the camera & told them to take $32 worth of shots & i'd see them when they get back. Love Posie

  2. Oh, Twinnings is my favourite and Twinnings Simply Tea is our everyday tea bag. I'm not really a coffee drinker at home so I think I can afford to pay for fabulous tea!

    And I love the pictures from the Show.

  3. Great photos as per usual, i love the rocket ship , we had the same episode today too and Riley was asking for a clothes basket. Unfortunately they are all full of washing! He had to settle for a game of pass the parcel with an old newspaper and a roll of "stippy tape" .( Gearing up for his birthday i think)

    Those little faces look very cute!

  4. Great pics - love the rocket ship:) Lovely that you got a sleep in and that the kids had fun with all that was happening around them with out you having your hand in your pocket - $24 really, for a country show - I do hope that it goes to upkeeping the showgrounds or something - shows are so over priced these days.

  5. There are so many great things for little children to look at that the extra doesn't need to be spent just yet does it? What a great time for them with the fireworks and lights. My 4 year old loved that he went to a fair on the weekend. It was a little school fair at the local primary school because it was voting day. He thought it was so special :) So cute.

    A sleep in sounds brilliant yesterday and I am very impressed with the rocket ship. Sounds like a nice mix of a few days for you! Lou.

  6. ah bliss-hope you enjoyed every peaceful minute of your sleep in. I am sure I will one day sleep in again but at present my body clock is set to market wake ups no matter what I do, so I am trying to find ways to enjoy being up at 5.30... What beautiful and atmospheric photos, lovely.
    enjoy your week, xoKate

  7. Oooh, a sleep in! How lovely. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have to tell you that we have been loving your butter bean korma recipe and it's now a regular on our weekly menus. Yum!

  8. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Our kids saw their first fireworks last christmas. I was all ohh's and ahh's, but they were terrified and wanted to go home.

    I've just discovered your beautiful blog. I'm looking forward to reading more, so I've just become a follower:)

  9. That washing basket pic is adorable Sal.
    That's an outrageous amount for jumping castle fun. Glad the fireworks were a hit.

  10. The show sounds like fun! Kids are great aren't they?? They can find pleasure in the simple things, and they really don't need to go on the expensive rides! All they need is our time to share the wonder with them! :)


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