Tuesday, November 30, 2010

november sewing challenge :: christmas craft


November’s sewing challenge has been to get started on making things for Christmas. I am so thankful that Carolyn set this as the monthly challenge because otherwise I don’t think I’d have thought much about it. Ms. M’s second birthday is a fortnight away so most of my thoughts are focused on that special occasion.

In between getting organised for her birthday I’ve been making some quick coffee-cozy-cup-holder things. Initially I was going to give them to the teachers and assistants at my son’s kindy but since I have also made some for the grandfathers and uncle… all of whom have everything and are incredibly difficult giftees.

coffee cozy

I’ve used insulated batting to protect hands and keep the coffee warm. I hope the gifts are well received… I was really struggling coming up with ideas of what to make.

The coffee cozy pictured above is the grandfather/uncle version using fabric that the boy chose earlier in the year. The versions for the kindy teachers are more feminine… but currently cannot be located for photography due to the “bomb” of frantic activity that has exploded in my creative space.

To be inspired with Christmas crafty goodness head on over to Carolyn’s.

… and there it is – a year of sewing challenges completed. December’s challenge is to sharpen skills… which I try to do as part of every project and no doubt sharpening my “survival” and “sewing in the wee hours of the morning” skills will be put to the test most next month. I’ve really enjoyed participating in this sewing challenge, it has encouraged me to try things that ordinarily I wouldn’t. Thanks Carolyn.


  1. Wow, all finished and haven't you come such a long way! I'm always so inspired by your dedication to a project and then never seem to manage to find any time to do anything about it. I think I might just have to stick with being in awe of all you do!

  2. Well I love that fabric I remember the post you made ages ago about your little one picking out that fabric. It is still wonderful!


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