Monday, November 15, 2010


Okay okay… so I’ll admit that I have been over doing it with the matchy-matchy stuff. First the shark outfit and now this, but the boy turns four early in the new year and I wanted to use these materials up before he grew out of them. Don’t feel too sorry for the kid. He dresses himself so it is unlikely that the outfits will be seen as a complete ensemble again.

octo outfit

I made the hat using Nicole’s pattern again, but this time made the brim extra wide. Little red-heads need lots of protection at the beach. I hand stitched the appliqué, going around all eight of those legs with the machine without stuffing up seemed like too big a challenge.

octo hat & shirt

The boy seemed pretty thrilled with his new beach threads, and loves his new hat. The shark version has been ‘adopted’ by his little sister… no worries I’ll be making her one soon. We lose hats all the time in this family – we’re the visitors that always leave something behind – so I am sure that I’ll get lots and lots of practice making hats over the summer.

octo hat

My boy loves the beach so much. Always has. He hadn’t even celebrated his first birthday when we took him to Cottesloe and he raced into the ocean. He was dunked within seconds and I thought that perhaps he’d be taught a lesson and come toddling back onto dry sand. No – he just picked himself up and kept moving out to sea. I grasped him up into my arms and the poor baby was so distraught that his solo sea adventure was over.

octo man 1octo man 2octo man 3octo man 4

Nothing has changed in the three years that have past. Who was I kidding that I’d take the kid to the beach for a ‘walk’ and he wouldn’t get wet???

who was I kidding


  1. Awesome job! It looks great & he looks well pleased with his outfit! Your applique looks terrific! Is the pants pattern that burda one you were using?

  2. I don't feel the least bit sorry for him. He totally seems to be enjoying himself. Just maybe don't show him the pictures for a bit when he is 15 or 16. He looks too cute. lol Cherrie

  3. This outfit looks great, too!
    Love it.
    What a shame my boys are 30+.

  4. None of my family have ever been able to go to the beach without getting wet. Even 89 year old granny insists on a dip in the vilest of weather. Imagine if she had matching octopus threads!

  5. Another fantastic outfit. I think the hats are very clever.

  6. You're on a roll with these super duper threads;) What a cutie, he sure does love the water.:) xo

  7. My little man is always the same at the beach too - oh to have that much fun! Love the outfit too! xx

  8. He is such a cutie! i love his outfit too, youve done a beautiful job.

  9. I dont have a problem with Matchy matchy - I think that it looks great.
    How much fun is he having in those waves.

  10. What a glorious day at the beach!

    How do you fasten hand embroidery on clothes? And then how do you wash them? I'm thinking of hand embroidering a couple of things on tops for my big girl (I even borrowed an embroidery book from the library today!), but keep getting stuck on a few how-to logistics!

  11. Hello Sally,

    Great job on the outfit. Loved the photo shoot you certainly have a water baby there. Happy sewing.

  12. Your sewing is brilliant and I love those outfits!

    Your beach looks perfect too :-)

  13. He looks totally fab. I have a 13 year old son who can't go to the beach without getting his short wet!! It seems he is destined to carrying spares where ever there is water!


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