Sunday, November 21, 2010

on the weekend

We didn’t do much. No much at all. Those kinds of weekends can be fabulous can’t they? I only left the house once and that was to head on up to Spotlight on Saturday afternoon to look at insulated batting. I purchased some but didn’t get a chance to use it.

Despite not doing much the weekend was rather eventful. Master E. has started swimming without any floaties and his little sister Ms. M is going great guns using the potty. Bravo to both of them!

And remember this? Look at the very same late this afternoon:

the wip box 

It is empty.

Here is the run down on how the former contents faired:

  • 2 x pillow cases to make two pillowcase dresses for Ms. M – decided just to make one. The other pillowcase I’m not sure about – it has an embroidered Peter Rabbit on it and I am wondering if she is perhaps getting a bit old for it.

  • 1 x pants cut out & ready to sew for Ms. M – finished today.

  • 1 x pants cut out & ready to sew for Master E – finished yesterday.

  • 1 x hat cut out & ready to sew for Master E – ooops… it wasn’t in the box so goodness knows where it is?!?!

  • 1 x pinafore dress half sewn just waiting to change colour of thread in overlocker (? I think that is why I’ve stopped … this project has sunk towards the bottom of the box) – finished yesterday.

  • 1 x pants half sewn for me – finished yesterday.

  • 1 x pant to re-fashion/re-hem for me – finished yesterday and worn today. Super pants Moa – thanks!

  • 1 x summer dress to shorten for me – I butchered this project beyond belief and in the end surrendered it to the garbage bin. Horrific and shameful but really the only thing that could be done with it.

  • 1 x apron to patch up (after ‘play’ karate kicking partner in kitchen with rotary cutter in apron – oops!) – finished weeks ago – why I didn’t just repair it at the time I’ll never know.

Here are the pants that I finished sewing for myself:

my pants

In general I’m pleased with them… but I doubt that I will ever wear them. I made them using material that I picked up for $2/meter at Spotlight ages ago. I bought two meters at the time and still have loads left over. It is a weird polyester-ish material and frankly it was hell to sew with. Slipped and slid all over the place. Couldn’t iron a crease in it at all. And to wear … well I love cotton or linen. The learning opportunity was fantastic though – so you’ve got to be happy with that, and if for some unforseen reason I was about to go travelling anytime soon I’d pack them in a jiffy… these pants will never ever ever crease!

Aside from tackling projects in the WIP box I also did lots of other repair works, in particular replacing and repairing buttons and mending some over-loved softies.

I used four colours in the overlocker this weekend – white, black, claret and navy. There were a few moments there where the blasted thing took ages to get threaded correctly… and I wonder how much more I could have achieved it had played nice?

Wanna know the secret to my productivity. Our aerial is broken and we can no longer receive any of the ABC channels. Ahhhh!!! The mister when up on the roof in a desperate endeavour to mend said aerial with some brown packaging tape… but it just wasn’t to be.

on the roof

“I don’t like relaxing I just like sitting down and watching TV” – Master E.

I am so excited about what tomorrow will bring. Starting lots of new projects is high on the agenda.


  1. WOW - please send some of your productivity this way! What an amazing weekend - hope your week is just the same! Nic

  2. Wow that is awesome to see the box empty. I bet you can't wait to start a bunch of new stuff today! Looking forward to see what you create.
    Love that all those jobs are done. What a great weekend! Darned tv takes up way too much time. lol

  3. What an amazing, productive weekend. I might have to get you over here to tackle my WIPs.

  4. Congratulations at getting to the bottom of the box! I love the style of pants , they look great on you. We havent had a tv for ages but looking at buying one, if we do i may never have anything to show on my blog again!

  5. great work on the project box! Now you can start some new projects. Can't wait to see what else you make!

  6. But did everyone spend most of the weekend in their jammies? That is a sign of a fab weekend. ;)

  7. Wonderful to have an empty box/thought process. Time to start filling it all up again. lol Cherrie

  8. What a busy bee you were. you're a machine!!
    Love your new pants, and you should totes wear them. xo

  9. I bought some grey pinstripe fabric from the scrap bin to make some little fisherman pants, when I finsihed them I realised the poor child would sweat up a storm.Yours look great- the next ones will be even better! x

  10. TV I just love to hate it!!! My boys are about to come off a tv ban that has lasted 4 weeks (eldest bit the youngest and left a full set of teeth marks..OUCH) don't ask me how I have survived??? I rarely watch it as I am too busy crafting and blogging but it is nice to distract the boys if I have to do some bookwork when they are home. Only problem is it hypes up my kids really badly...good while it is on but watch out once it is off!!!!

    PS Nice sewing job on those pants, what a great learning are a whiz on the machine I have to say :-)

  11. I'm imagining those pants in linen - the style is lovely. I think natural linen and black linen would work a treat - gorgeous!

  12. Wowee what an effort, you must feel great! Now bring on the next project!

  13. Ms Productive! I'm very impressed!! And jealous. I have too many WIP's and they are all rearing their ugly heads at me as I pack and work out what craft stuff to take to Dad's and what to put in storage til we find a house. Argh!

    Hope your box hasn't overflowed again already and you have had fund deciding on the new projects :)


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